Pack Your Lunch For Your Kids and Tips

By Leslie Pleasants
Packing a lunch for your child is necessary (unless they buy). What you put in their lunch is important to your child and to you. Will they eat it or will it end up in the garbage. Could be great food but they are just chatting away with their friends that they run out of time. One way to notice they are not eating their lunch is to tell them to bring it back in the lunch box… even the wrappers. If they are older they might get it but younger ones might not. Also, if they are just STARVING when they get home could be another sign that they are not eating enough at lunch.

I know you want to pack all healthy food but sometimes you have to throw in that fun surprise food for them once in awhile just to surprise them. Try not to make it a habit but maybe its a reward to doing great on their homework or cleaning their room. Make sure they are aware its a reward for what they did too.

Another great thing that is just so special and they might not like to admit it but just watch… they will be doing this to their children’s lunches someday too. Cause it did mean something to them. 🙂 Lunch Notes. These are little sayings or even just a heart written on their napkin from you. I remember my mom doing it for me and they really were fun for me to read and get when I opened my lunch box. It was fun till she stopped making my lunches that is. 🙁 I also don’t recommend doing that. No matter how old your child is. You should make it for them. I remember when I had to make my lunches and it was not the healthiest and whatever I could scrounge up in the pantry I would put in. Kids don’t care as much. They get lazy. If you want your child to eat good then best choice is to always make their lunch until they are done with High School. But that is just my opinion from my own experience.

Here are some saying that could put a smile on your child’s face for their lunches!
1) I Love You!
2) Can’t wait to see you!
3) Have fun in school today!
4) Be the best that you can be today!
5) I know you will do great on that test today!
6) You are my shining star
7) Just do your best
8) You make me so proud!
9) Count down the days till their birthday
10) Write a joke
11) Put a sticker on the napkin
12) Draw a picture
13) Used themed napkins (Avengers, Barbie, etc…)

Use your imagination… there is so many things you can write and say or even just draw something silly. But the fact that you took your time to do it does mean something to them.