Thanksgiving Place Cards

I am a big fan of place cards for any event that requires a large amount of people to have a sit down dinner.  The reason why is because it save so much time for the guests to figure out where they will be sitting and if they have kids they have to figure that it.  See, I take care of it all for them and have the kids seats already ready for the with something special at their place setting and different seats for them depending on their age so the parents can feel comfortable.

Always make sure that you put your spouses or loved ones together.  Here is your chance for you to control the environment.  Do you want to put them next to others that they don’t know very well so they do get to know each other better or put them next to others they know.  You can also put the couples across the tables so they are not right next to each other but can still talk to each other.  Leaves for more talking with others.

Simple is often the most sophisticated. Crisp leaves get a glittery touch by writing your guest’s names in gold ink


 Welcome your Thanksgiving guests with these delightful personalized Pilgrim Cap place cards.

 Directions on how to make these click HERE


Pinecones always are a great fit at the Thanksgiving table.  Add glitter, paint or leave plain!


Make space at the table by tying ribbon around chair and adding a folded place card on back of chair


 For adding a whimsical touch to at Thanksgiving table, these turkeys are the perfect touch.

For directions on how to make this click HERE

This is just perfect to use… pumpkins as place cards.  Then the guests just move them in front of them on the table which adds to the table decor!

Here’s a simple place card design that anyone can do.  Run it through your printer for the names or just hand write them.




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