My Experience With The Dragons!

I was recently invited to attend How To Train Your Dragon Live event in the Seattle area.  I took my husband and two kids.  We had seen the movie before so we knew what it was about and the kids already loved the movie so they were super excited to see this.  However, trying to explain to a 4 & 6 year old that its a live event was pretty challenging. 🙂



We got there and the place was amazing!  Kids were at awe!  We found our seats which faced directly in front of the show.  Perfect!  Then the show started.   Let me tell you…  I was excited to see it but more for my kids.  I was truly shocked by the amount of work that went in to making this show.  The dragons looked so real and the cast did a fabulous job.  But the absolute neatest thing was the back screen.  They used that for really the main part of the show.  So hard to explain but it was like 3D with guys climbing it (or it looked like they were).  The scenes would change from this back drop.  It was really done very well.  Amazing!

I then was able to go back the next day and go behind the scenes to see the dragons up close and meet some of the cast.   The dragons were so intense.  The amount of detail that went into them.  I was able to touch them except for the eyes they told me.   So I stuck my head in one of the mouths.  🙂






Overall, what an experience.  I hope you had a chance to see it and if not check out to see if its coming to your city next!!

Is it coming to your city??  click HERE

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