My Time With Apollo 13 Live Event!

I had such a great opportunity to attend the Apollo 13 Mission Control Event Live recently.  Had no idea what I was really getting myself into except for what I read about it online.  But it was really an awesome experience.  Something that I am so glad that I did.  I attend a lot of events and for me to say that this one Photo2event is going to be one that I will remember for the rest of my life.  Truly something out of the ordinary.  So let me tell you about it!

We all walk into this room where we are greeted by Walter Cronkite (not really him but a look a like).  🙂  He talks for a bit then asks for 3 volunteers to be the 3rd astronaut in the show!   How cool is that.  So I raise my hands and they pick me.  I walk up there with another man and lady.  They ask us all 3 a different question and then they decide who gets to go.  The women didn’t win… boo..  but I am glad because I had some great seats.

They then had us walk into the operations room where it was set up to resemble the Apollo 13 set up.  We picked our seats and each seat was named for a certain job.  We just so happened to sit in the row of the math area.  My biggest problem area but my wonderful husband who is an Engineer is a pro at it so he helped us out a lot.  🙂  They gave us tasks to do and even had us make calls.  I had my own little TV in front of me with a head set that I could listen to the astronauts speak when no one else could.

photo-4They took us through the problem area when they lost their oxygen and we had to come up with making the thing to fix their problem in which my friend was chosen to go up there to do it.  They even gave him a doctors jacket to do it.  He even played a small acting roll.  James was great.  But then they gave us a math problem to solve.  I think they call it algebra… we learned it way back in high school and I have never used it since.  🙂  But my husband knew exactly what to do.  Thank goodness.  I now know who is going to be helping our children with math homework!!  😉

In the end we saved Apollo 13 and it came down safely.  All of us were stood up and clapped and felt a part of it… like we did something to help them.  It was pretty amazing.  Like I said before, an experience I have never experienced before and so glad I did!


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