Rollercoasters!! Carowinds Charlotte, North Carolina

Have you ever been to Carowinds Amusement Park?

Have you even HEARD of it before?
carowinds turns 40 logo imageYeah me neither.

Until…Our family went on a mission this past week, driving around the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Because, we are moving there this fall, and it was time to see it for ourselves!

My little boy’s only question was:
“Is there a theme park in Charlotte”?

We Googled and—why yes, yes there IS an amusement park in Charlotte!


Carowinds turned 40 this year, which is super coincidental for me.. cuz um.. I TURNED 40 last month! How cute is that? (Don’t answer.)

I’m super excited to announce: we are officially a family with big kids now.
EVERYONE was able to ride ALL the rides! Yippee!

carowinds photo collage carissa rogers goodncrazy charlotteAmazing Rollercoasters in Carowinds

  • Standing Coasters
  • Flat on your Back Coasters
  • NASCAR Themed Coasters
  • Run Backwards Coasters
  • 13 Total Rollercoasters in All!

As far as big thrill rides go, this is currently our favorite amusement park. And we’ve been to Knottsberry Farm, Hershey Park, Six Flags New Jersey, Lagoon in Utah and yes… Disney Parks.

Lucky us, we get to live near this one in a few months!

What does Carowinds Cost for a Family of 5?

  • $40 per person (before the main season everyone gets in at the kid rate). Through the end of May and only open weekends. Boomerang Bay—the water park opens in June. (Season passes are $72, if plan to go twice worth it?!)
  • Parking is $15.
  • Lunch for our family of 5 was $50 including sodas.
  • Rita’s Ices later in the day when it got pretty hot was about $20.

Overall total spend for our family:  $285 for an amazing day of fun!

carowinds charlotte snoopy carissa rogers goodncrazy


Carissa Rogers is a TravelingMom, she writes for and plays with their Facebook page. When she isn’t traveling with her family, pretending to be a photographer or stressing about moving across the country, you can find her on, her blog of 5 years.

Carissa was not compensated in any way for this article. Carowinds had no idea her family was coming, but they need to know she will be back!!