DIY Cake Stands

Cake, cupcake or even food stands or very popular for any occasion these days.  Elevating it off the table makes it a more elegant yet creative look!  Don’t spend a fortune buying a brand new one… create your own!  I am going to show you how I spent $2.00 plus some glue to make mine and still had some pieces left over for coordinating munchie bowls.

I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased a 4-pack of pink plastic bowls and a 4-pack of pink plastic plates.  Then I had 1 plastic champagne glass that I used but you could purchase a single martini glass in place of that.

All you have to do is look at the pictures to see how it is assembled.  Super simple!!!  Glue that I used (which I use ALL the time) is E6000.  Great for any project around the home and even outside too!!

Glue the pieces together and let dry.  Usually overnight but could be about 6 hours.  Just depends.  Also,  Can’t put through dishwasher but oh well…  just wipe clean/hand wash.  So worth it for the price!!  🙂  I don’t even mind just throwing them away and making new ones for every occasion!

DIY Cake Stands for Under a $1.00 a Piece!  #TodaysEveryMom

Glue dripped on this one above (i was in a hurry)… I put too much on. 😉

DIY Cake Stands for Under a $1.00 a Piece!  #TodaysEveryMom

Still had one bowl left over (paid $2.00 for all the pink plates and bowls)

DIY Cake Stands for Under a $1.00 a Piece!  #TodaysEveryMom

Here it is with food on it!

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  1. Every cute idea and inexpensive 🙂