Memories with My Dad on the 4th of July

I have several favorite memories of the 4th of July with my dad. He always seemed to be the life of the party and he didn’t even drink.  When I think of the 4th of July I think of my Dad…  It was our holiday together.

Started when I was very young. Not even sure if my sister was even born yet. Don’t even remember my mom because she was always working but I remember my dad and how much fun I had with him. It was a neighborhood block party. Everyone pulled out their barbeques. Kids were running around or riding their bikes. Women huddled around each other chatting. Then there was my dad. He would play with me. He was the only person I knew that could walk on his hands. Every time he did that he would steal the show. I remember the music was playing loud and fireworks going off everywhere. Could hardly see people cause of the firework smoke but you could here people laughing and having a good time. My dad danced with me in the street that we sat down together to watch the big fireworks show. Oh how I wish he was still around and I wish there were more neighborhoods like that now days. Those were the good old days.

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As I got older we started camping on the 4th of July with my friends. Parents were divorced then so he would come with us to any of our functions. My friends did not mind because he fit right in. Still didn’t drink but would watch over us. Kept us feeling safe. We would go to the Grand Coulee Dam and watch the big laser light show before the huge firework show they displayed. He would always bring his chair and a can of coke. I always bought him a 4th of July tee shirt every year for him to wear. Cause one year he wore plaid shorts with a different colored plaid shirt. They all had red, white and blue in them but totally didn’t match. He got lots of comments. So it became a tradition of getting him a new shirt every year.

Then I had kids. Oh how that changed things. No more camping with my friends who did not have kids. 470_1697271Which was fine. Our priorities changed.They became even more fun watching him spoil my kids. I remember one year we went to a relatives house that was on the water. We pulled up and my dad was in the middle of playing a game when he stopped everything to go put together this bubble maker that he had bought my daughter. Everyone waited patiently for him to finish. That night him and my daughter sat together and watched the fireworks. Just meant so much to me to watch them be so close. He was such a good father to me I just knew he would be a wonderful grandfather to my kids. My son was only 2 months old so slept pretty much the whole time there. My dad spent the entire evening playing and holding my daughter. So precious.

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I am so thankful that he was my father. He taught me the importance of being a good parent. We miss him dearly and I still get a little chocked up every 4th now. It’s now going on the 4th one with out him. People say it gets easier but I just see it as he is missing out and how I wish he was here to enjoy this time with us. I know we will see him again someday but until then we talk about him and remember all the fun things he use to do with us. Because he was such a loving father, grandfather and my best friend.


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  1. What sweet memories you have to remember! Thank you for sharing them with us.