Work Out Tips with out Exercising!

I will be the first to say that I DO not like to work out.  I envy people that run, go to gym or even walk on a daily, weekly basis.  I am just to busy to find the time to do it.  With being a WAHM plus having to do the normal everyday up keep on the home and keep kids busy and also have fun with them I find it hard to squeeze in the time.  No matter what size you are a work out is great for you health though.  Even at my smallest size I still noticed that I had no muscle to me.  My husband was doing all the “manly” labor around the home that I could’ve done (well some).

So I started thinking about things that actually are a “work out” with out it being a typical exercise!  AND best thing is you are getting stuff done around the house!! BONUS!!

  1. MOWING:  You get your walking and pushing… so muscle activity right there!!
  2. WEEDING:  I burn a sweat weeding… try doing squats instead of sitting or bending over.
  3. PRUNING:  YES,  my arms are always sore the next two days after pruning trees!
  4. WASHING VEHICLES: Get cars clean and good arm exercise!
  5. EDGING:  Just to hold the darn thing for awhile takes a work out on the arms
  6. PAINTING:  Whether painting your fence, play house, swing set, house…  all a great exercise!!
  7. SWEEPING:   Needs to be done right!  Sweep your heart away!
  8. VACUUMING:  Do I need to say more??
  9. MOPPING FLOORS:  Worse then vacuuming but someone has to do it!  😉
  10. PRESSURE WASHING:  Perfect for hot days and my arms really feel like jello afterwards.  lol


10 Work Out Tips with out Exercising!   #TodaysEveryMom 10 Work Out Tips with out Exercising!   #TodaysEveryMom 10 Work Out Tips with out Exercising!   #TodaysEveryMom 10 Work Out Tips with out Exercising!   #TodaysEveryMom

There is many many more things you can do!  Just playing catch with your kids.  WOW, that is a arm work out!  Jumping on a trampoline.  Playing tag with the kids.  Running from a snake… wonder if screaming burns off anything too!!

Outdoor and indoor has lots of potential of great exercises that we can all do to burn off those extra calories!  Plus we are getting our chores done as well.  If anyone has any great ab ones please post below!!  Would love to know.  🙂

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