Cupcake Party

Birthdays can be so much fun for kids.  But girls are beginning to transform into little mamma’s these days.  They love to bake, want to be princesses, have babies (plastic ones), dress up, etc…   Next thing you know they will be graduating high school… college and then walking down the aisle in a wedding dress.  There is really nothing stopping them from being a girl.  🙂

My daughter loves baking and decorating anything!   Why not have a birthday party surrounded around cupcakes that the guest can then take home a bunch that they decorated!   How fun!




  • Table cloth
  • frostings in different colors already in pastry bags w/ tips set out around the table
  • Sprinkles
  • To-go boxes (find those at craft stores)
  • Cupcakes (can make different flavors so they can pick)
  • Candy toppings
  • Stickers to decorate their boxes
  • Baby wipes (cause that is a staple in our house for EVERYTHING)  🙂


Have fun with this and let some of the other adults that stay for the party help out too!  Serve milk or chocolate milk and play some fun music.   They will remember this day forever!!



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  1. Jennifer G. says:

    I have that same table
    ….. and I live in ALASKA 🙂