White Turkey Chili…. Yummy and Healthy!

One of my favorite things to make in my crockpot is White Turkey Chili.   It is so easy and it is a crowd pleaser too!   I use a larger crockpot and if I am having people over I will double the recipe.   No one even knows that its ground turkey in there unless I tell them.  🙂


White Turkey Chili.... Yummy and Healthy!   #TodaysEveryMom


* 1 White Chili Packet (I use McCormick Seasoning Packet)

* 3 cans of white beans (great northern, cannelloni, navy,  etc…) – drained

* 1 can of light red kidney beans for contrast – drained

* 1 package of ground turkey (breast or regular)

* 1 sm-med sized onion diced

* minced garlic (i add garlic to everything!)… about 2 Tbs


Cook the ground turkey first.   Add that to your crockpot.  Then add all the other ingredients.  Finally add the seasoning mix with 1  1/2 cups of water.


In a larger crockpot or for larger crowds just double the recipe!!   Cook this for 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours.  However long you want it to cook in your crockpot.  Last time I did this I had it on for 4 hours on high and it was wonderful still!    Normally I do it for 8 hours on low…   But still tasted the same.  🙂

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  1. My family is so so so food picky, but I think this turkey chili recipe may just work. It doesn’t have tomatoes which are a big no-no for my husband. Love it. Thank you!

  2. I made a similar turkey chili last week – only had to use black beans instead of red kidney…it was delicious! Chili is one of my favorite meals to make – so easy and very filling!

  3. Sounds delicious, I love chili this time of year!

  4. That looks delish! I have never made White Chili before so I am going to be giving this a try!

  5. I regularily make my chili from ground Turkey, it’s sooo good!!!