Vince Vaughn Delivers Unexpected Life Changes

I have seen probably all of Vince Vaughn movies.  Loved them all.   Big fan of him…   especially since he is tall (just like me).  🙂    But he just cracks me up.   That is what movies are about.  You want to watch a movie and be able to laugh or cry or get scared… whatever the situation is you want to be moved and let me tell you,  that is what DELIVER MAN did to me.

I expected this movie to be all about humor and I was wrong.  It does have humor but it was way more then that.  It has a meaning, a meaning of life.  A movie that even my husband would watch (which is saying a lot)!   You watch this movie and you feel this feeling of motivation that overcomes you.


It all starts off with Vince Vaughn who plays David Wozniak, as a truck driver for a family owned meat company.  He then finds out that he had donated sperm back in his days when he needed some cash and now has 533 kids from that.  He is faced with a life changing decision….

While Vince Vaughn does throw in some comedy into this film (I was laughing quite a bit) he also had another side to me that I have not seen before.   He became serious and found some of these kids.   See,  142 was suing the sperm clinic cause they all wanted to know who was this guy that did this.


What happens next is incredible!   Loved every minute of it and can’t wait to watch it again!

Can I say that more then half the movie theater was crying at the end!   A good cry though.  So be prepared….




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