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Dr. Doormat, The first step to a healthy home!   I love to be able to provide you with awesome giveaways and this is one of them.  I truly believe in this company because I have use them before.  In this giveaway you will be able to pick the color choice that you want from what they carry on their site.  But the most important issue that we are covering is helping reduce bacteria, pollutants, germs from spreading into the home.  I love these rugs too because if you have a hard surface these do not slip at all.  They come with a non-slip backing which so wonderful and I mean it does not slip at all!  It is also a very durable rug too.  You can also throw this in your washing machine too!  WOW!

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Every time you wipe your shoes on a common doormat, you can re-contaminate the soles of your shoes and transport those pollutants into your home. Dr. Doormat can help you effectively disable odor-causing microorganisms on the mat on contact.

See how this works in the video….

In a lab study using an office building with everyday street traffic for a period of over 6 weeks, Dr. Doormat showed 0% growth. Common doormats including Coir (Coco fiber), Rope, wood and attractive personalized ones, became an active breeding ground for microbial growth. We wanted to test Dr. Doormat in the worst conditions imaginable, typical of a construction zone or landscapers environment. In a very aggressive test using heavy top soil on Dr. Doormat there was 83% reduction in fungus and 70% reduction in bacteria compared with regular doormats showing full growth. You may ask why any microbes survived on Dr. Doormat? Dirt has two sides just like all objects, and the side that comes in contact with the mat gets zapped while the side that doesn’t can naturally still survive. With heavy top soil, some of the microbes became cocooned in the dirt particles and were protected. This is the reason for wiping shoes thoroughly and vacuuming the mat regularly. The difference is tangibly significant.

The Dirty Little Secret About The Common Doormat!

Every time you step on your common doormat, you could be stepping into a reservoir of microbes that grow and infest your mat; the mat also acts as a springboard for the microbes and pollutants to contaminate the soles of your shoes and transport all of those pollutants into your home.


So let’s solve that for you with your chance to win one of these fabulous Dr. Doormats!    All you have to do is fill our the rafflecopter form below.  The more entries you enter the better odds you have.   Winner will receive a 24″ x 36″ Dr. Doormat rug in their choice of 4 colors:  Autumn Red, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate Brown or Peacock Blue!  


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