Tips for Packing Kids Clothing

I love traveling with my family but I have noticed that you really need to be some what organized when it comes to kids clothes to make it way easier on us parents.  It really does help in the end when you get to your destination and all you have to do is open the suitcase or bag and voila!  There they are… all ready to go.  There is no thinking.

So what I do now when I travel with my kids is I gather all their clothes and lay them out on the ground (separate per kid).  I grab ton of gallon sized bags that I usually will buy at the Dollar Tree since I don’t care if they leak or not since it is just clothes that are going in them.

Then I sort out the outfits.  Short/pants with a top.  It is up to you if you want to include undies and socks in there too or just throw all of those in one separate gallon bag.  So basically each bag is a whole outfit in there…. ready to go.  PJ’s I don’t worry about and Bathing suits I will usually just all combine in one bag.  I will put the tops on the top, bottoms on the bottom and put in bag.  Then squeeze out the air as I am closing the bag.  It is amazing how much more clothes you can fit now in your suitcases this way too!!

This is such a great time saver!  Every morning I can just quickly go through the bags, grab one, give it to the child and say here you go!  These bags are also great to put dirty laundry back in and memorabilia that the kids want to bring back home or use the bags for the beach to bring snacks in (since they were clean clothes).

Only takes a little bit of time to get them in but all worth it in the end.  🙂






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