Sitting by Strangers on Planes

How do you like flying?  It is a very interesting experience.  You are forced to sit next to a stranger and in hopes that they are normal (like45ac58141a5d316053adb582bc10a34f you).  If you are lucky they are not the type that talk off your ear about their whole life.  However, I have met some really great people over my life flying. What about the ones that just read or sleep next to you.  Nice huh!  Except when I am wide awake and nothing to do and don’t want to pay for internet on an hour long flight.   That is ok though.

You fly to places whether its for work or play and yet it is still such a crazy experience.  Waiting for the Flight Attendants to come by with the food/drink cart and then having to wait till they are all done holding your potty and crossing your legs.

Do you sit in the aisle or window seat?  I prefer aisle seat as that way I am free to move whenever I want (when I can).   Never fails that the people are always asleep when I have to go to the bathroom and then I am either… trying to long leg it over them or do I wake them up.

I am really getting annoyed with the whole luggage expense now days.  So I might check a luggage but then bring a small luggage on and a brief case and purse.  Yes I am over my limit but you should see some of these backpacks that come on board and that is ok.  How about the weight limit then?  HUH!   Mine is nothing and still can fit under the seat (except for my carry on luggage).   I have to hide my purse behind my brief case in hopes that they don’t see it.  I get caught once in awhile and they make me check my other carry on.

Oh the good old days of free food and luggage.  Those were the days.  I am not sure how much Flight Attendants get paid anymore but I hope that they get paid good for what they have to go through on a daily basis with everyone.

I do love flying (minus any bumps in the air and waiting for the potty) but I do love to travel and once I get my luggage and get to my final destination everything is good.  Note… reason for writing this article is I am bored on plane and heading to CES (Consumer Electronic Show).  Plane is full of men and they all have their computers out.  So I felt the need to pull mine out but not paying for WiFi.  Instead writing about sitting my people.   Hopefully the guy next to me is not reading this.  HA!


However, hardest part is saying goodbye to my family and seeing my kids have tears in their eyes like I am leaving them forever.  Always happens and always makes me cry.  Someday they will hopefully not be so sad but I hope that they never stop missing me on trips!!

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