Smile… It’s the Only Teeth You Have?

I want to start off by telling you that I used to not smile very much.  I was very embarrassed by my teeth.  I have had two root canals done on top front teeth awhile back in which caused them to die and discolor them. You didn’t notice them as much in person but in photo’s you could really tell.  Plus my teeth were going crooked again.  I had braces back in High School but they had moved back.  Retainer… Umm…  I don’t even remember having one.  Ooops.  🙂

So reason for me writing this to you is because I saved my pretty pennies for new teeth.  I know money can be very hard these days and it was hard saving ALL that money but I want to say that it was so worth it.  I ended up getting my top teeth pretty much taken out and put porcelain in.   I call them my “movie star” teeth.  Cause you know…  that is what they do.

I have also done the ZOOM whitening a few times as well.  Man…  painful if you have sensitive teeth though.  Thankfully my dentist provides free gas.  HA!   I had them crank that thing.

I have always had teeth “problems”.  So many fillings, root canals… just a lot of dental work.  I now will pay the little extra to get white fillings instead of the silver.   Not really in our budget but I am looking at the future cause I don’t want to open my mouth anymore and see silver… or have anyone else see all the silver fillings in my mouth.

My self confidence has change a lot since getting my teeth done.  I had no idea what it would do to me.  I really notice it in all my pictures I take now and looking back at older ones.   Yes,  it does cost money but a lot of dentist offices do have a kind of savings/credit service for you so you don’t have to pay all up front.   What we do in our family is have a separate savings account just for medical.  So every pay check a portion of that goes into that account.   I did have to do partial very end of December and then beginning of January to make it all work out but it did.  Nothing like being around your family and pictures during Christmas time with temporary teeth in.  But like I said…  it is really all worth it!!!

I see people buying coffee daily or other unnecessary things and I think… that money could easily be going to dental.  Trust me on this one.   Take care of yourself and family.  Yes, looks do matter because they make YOU feel better.  It’s more of a personal opinion but when you feel better about yourself it really does open a lot more doors…

me Leslie



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