Introducing New Gain Flings… The Best Gain Ever!

I have been using Gain detergent for quite some time now.  Love how clean my clothes smell and how clean they come out.  It is truly a fabulous product!  So for me to participate and write about a detergent it means that I back it up 100%.  Evolution and times have changed and brands are trying to make things easier for everyone now.  So for Gain to come out with the Flings where you have to not measure out the liquid or powder just makes it one step easier.  Just “fling” it in your washer and you are done.   Not only that but you can count on the quality product that Gain stands by.  No cheap smelling clothes when you are done but a FRESH smell.  A clean smell.  That is what I want my clothes to smell like.  I will use perfume if I want myself to smell like something different.  Otherwise, I want everything I wash to have that aroma of freshly washed, clean and it LASTS!

Introducing the NEW Gain Flings

After a long-awaited debut, Gain is introducing our best Gain ever!  New Gain Flings will give consumers an enhanced formula that’s so powerful it has the added cleaning power of OxiBoost and malodor removal power of Febreze, delivering a scent experience that’s music to your nose.  The new Gain Flings are simple and easy to use.  Just drop one pac directly into the drum of your washing machine, add clothes, and you’re good to go!



Watch for first commercial of Gain Flings on Grammy night, January 26th!




Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 9.33.43 AM


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  1. I agree with you 100% about the scent of clothes, it really irks me when I wash my clothes and they have a really strong scent. As you said If I want perfume, I’ll use it. I don’t need my clothes to smell like cheap perfume. I recently started using a new detergent called puretergent and it works really well and leaves no scent on my clothes! Now I don’t have to worry about fake smells! You should try it, it’s also grey water safe and the formulas are botanical based. Give it a try at


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    Introducing New Gain Flings… The Best Gain Ever!