My Favorites on Grammy Night + Gain Giveaway!

So did you watch the Grammy’s?  I thought it was the best one yet.  Less rap and more rock n roll.   I love watching the Grammy’s and seeing what everyone is wearing and also putting a face to the newbies names.  However, sometimes that could be a bad thing.  One song in particular I thought it was a woman that sang it the whole time until I watched it on the Grammy’s and to find out it was a guy this whole time.  Kind of changes how you hear the song now.  Just like if you really like a song and then you see how they look in person can also change how you like the song.  Funny how that works huh?  🙂

Best moments for me was Metallica.  They have aged gracefully I must say.  I grew up listening to them so when they played their old music and just brings back memories.  I think everyone was looking forward to seeing them perform.


Another great one was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with the addition of Queen Latifa and Madonna.  Madonna did an “ok” job but just the fact that she was there was pretty cool.  Macklemore’s words were just DEEP and the ceremony that went on brought everyone to tears.  I wish that they showed more of the couples getting married but it was still pretty neat.

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah

Imagine Dragons is another great one that just had a great performance.  I could’ve done with out the piano and just had them and been fine with that but I know that the Grammy’s like to do multiples on groups on stage.  Does add for some diversity too.



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So, I followed along the show and was tweeting as well.   I was working with Gain to promote their new Flings that just hit shelves.  They aired two commercials during the Grammy’s and we ended up trending in 2nd place on twitter right below #Grammys using hashtag #MusicToYourNose!   So awesome!!   If you have not hear about the new Gain Flings check out my post on it HERE.  It is amazing and time saving detergent for you washer.   I just love Gain and this will just save me one extra step, which being a busy mom that I am is just wonderful!


Here is your chance to win a tub of them!   All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below.  Enter as many entries as you wish.  The more you do the better chances you have to win!     Good luck!

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  1. Amy Orvin says:

    Thank you for the giveaway, Leslie. I hope I don’t have duplicate entries for the 6th entry ( leave a comment on another article), the rafflecopter froze again and said they didn’t get my entry. So , I just submitted again. Thank you!!