Girl Scouts Savannah Smiles Lemon Blueberry Mini Tarts

Girl Scout cookies are almost here!  I try to avoid them…  yes,  cause I can only buy so many boxes.  I consider them the best of the best of cookies.  Oh my!  I have my favorites.  So when I had this opportunity to participate in a recipe contest for bloggers I had to do it.  Now, I am not a person where I can just bake things with out recipe like this under pressure and a sweet item.   I have no problem doing savory items.  So much easier.   But I wanted to take this challenge because I enjoy cooking/baking and being in my kitchen as much as possible (except for the dirty dishes).

As a mom, wife I want to provide meals to my family and have fun with it.    Dinner can get boring so experimenting with things that you wouldn’t think of is really fun.  Makes your mind go crazy but at the same time it gets you back in the “cooking” mood.   I get tired of the daily dinners and lunches and breakfasts.  So taking time to get creative can be fun.  Even if it doesn’t turn out it doesn’t matter it is the fact that you are in the kitchen and experimenting with your utensils.



These little bites I must say were pretty tasty.   I love mini bites cause then you feel like you are not eating a lot of sweets but still enjoying life with the good stuff!



  • 20 Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies
  • 1/4 Cup Melted Butter



  • 2 Eggs
  • 3 TB Vanilla Instant Pudding
  • 2 TB Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Pinch of Kosher Salt
  • Frozen or Fresh Blueberries

**Will make 12 mini tarts.   Double recipe to make 24.

Start with the crust ingredients.  Use a food chopper and finely chop up the lemon cookies.   You want them to be finely chopped up… no chunks.   In a bowl mix together the finely chopped upped cookies and melted butter.   I used a small cookie scoop and placed it in the mini muffin pan.  Then with my wooden tool I pressed it in to create a crust and when you press it in the middle it would automatically go up the sides perfectly.  Now if you don’t have a wooden tool (from pampered chef like I have) you can use your knuckles or try to find a utensil that fits that space in the mini muffin pan space.  Now,  once you have created your crust you are ready for your filling.

Beat eggs, instant pudding, salt, in a blender on high for about 10 seconds.  I then used a teaspoon to spoon in the mixture.  Adding more if need to.  Fill almost to the top.  Then add your blueberries.   Add 3 blueberries.

Place in a 325′ preheated oven for approximate 15 minutes.   Keep and eye on it and when you see the crust get golden brown then you are good to go.

Sprinkle the top with powder sugar if you desire.

DSC03073 DSC03074 DSC03075 DSC03076DSC03077 DSC03078 DSC03079 DSC03080 DSC03082 DSC03083 DSC03084


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