Handout Survival Bags

I know you have seen people standing on the side of the roads.   Some holding up signs.  Asking for money, food, jobs, etc…   Well,  my kids always want to ask questions about them when they see them.  I explain to my children that there is a lot of people out there that don’t have money to eat or a place to sleep.  They can’t find a job or are in-between jobs right now.  I explain to them in more details but they still ask why they are there.  I tell them what they are wanting.  Then they bring up the good point… or the point of why I don’t.  The money.

So I went back home and instead of just handing out money I wanted to do something different.  So I had my children make some white paper lunch sacks for me with their drawings on them.  Made with love.  🙂   Then we added some items to it from our pantry of things that would keep.  Plus small bottle of water.  I also add dollar bill and some coins for bus fare.  It might not be much money but the bag is filled with food.  Has enough money to take them somewhere on a bus.  Then what I loved about it is that the kids got involved and colored on the bags.

So the next time we see someone standing on the side of the road we can hand out one of these colorful bags to them.   You can keep these in your car as long as you have food that won’t go bad for awhile.  If you want to give more money then sure but my goal to my children was to teach them and talk to them and by giving at the same time.  Hoping that these strangers that we do not know who we do not know what happened in their life and could happen to any of us will enjoy it as much as my children enjoyed making it for them.  🙂












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