Organizing Your Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawers can be the worst!  Always messy cause you are usually in a rush in the morning if you are anything like me.  Makeup alone can be messy too and you can also never have enough makeup!  So how do you organize your makeup?  I have tried so many different things starting with just throwing it in the drawer (which didn’t work).   I have found my solution which is using 2 large plastic office organizing trays that you would use for all the little things…  Pencils, tacks, erasers, business cards, etc…   This thing has so many different compartments that it fits perfectly for my lifestyle.  However might not fit yours.   So I have provided a few different options for you to look at and hopefully inspire you to tackle that DRAWER!




Plastic Trays

Bathroom Drawer Organizing Ideas

Bathroom Drawer Organizing Ideas

You can find these in various sizes to fit your drawers.  These work great cause if one gets dirty you just take it out and wash it.  Unlike mine where it is a very large one and would take a long time to take every thing out of it to clean it.


Wooden Utensil Holder

Bathroom Drawer Organizing Ideas

This is a nice idea to hold all your brushes, combs, rubber bands, bobby pins, etc…  You can purchase these at most stores like Target, Fred Meyers, Walmart, Macy’s, etc…


Plastic Utensil Holder

Bathroom Drawer Organizing Ideas

So inexpensive but great way to store all the families toothbrushes!  Label the bottom with tape and sharpie if you want!  Click HERE for more info on this.


First Aid Kit

Bathroom Drawer Organizing Ideas

Just by using some small bowls (real or plastic) and placing items in it can look beautiful but yet still has a purpose.  Click HERE for more info on it.


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