Home Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared at your home for the unthinkable?  You never know when something can happen and I am not talking about our kids, self, husband.  But to our home.  Yes, if something does happen to your home it can affect your family in serious ways.  Do you know what to do in situations that might arise?  Flooding, gas leaks, pipes freeze, fires, alarms going off, electrical panel, etc…   In certain times takes calmness and fast acting to get the situation under control.  Main thing is knowing where everything is located at.  How to work it.  Sure, maybe your husband knows how to do it all but what if he is not there.  YIKES!  Save the time by not calling him and knowing this on your own.  It is very important to take pride in your home by learning about your home more just like your bodies.  This is where you live.  All your memorabilia’s are at.  Treasure your things and take care of them by knowing what to do in emergency situations.

Great thing is to make a check list and go down your list.  Make sure you and your significant other know where and how to work everything.  Cause at the drop of a hat you might need to work fast on shutting things off!

Home Emergency Preparedness

example gas shut off

  • Gas:   What do you do when you smell gas in your home?   Get everyone out of house.  Check to make sure that your stove/oven is off (if you have a gas range).  If it is off then shut the gas off at main valve.  Know where that is at!
  • Water:  Pipes can freeze, leaks can happen.  Immediately shut off the water… the main valve.  Again, knowing where that is at will stop it quickly.
  • Generator:  If you have a generator do you know how to work it?   Best place to put it?  Does it have gas?   Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Propane Tank in Barbecue:  This is a life saver.   Always make sure that it is full.  We used to just leave it empty during the winter time till one day power went out for a few days.  Bad snow storm and couldn’t leave the house.  Would’ve been nice to cook from it.  Or even if you have a charcoal grill.  Make sure you have enough charcoal.  60-amp-circuit-breaker
  • Circuit Breaker:  Know how to work your circuit breaker.  If you have moved into a previous owned home, the previous owners sometimes don’t always label things or if they do it might be incorrect or unreadable.   Make sure you know how to work it.
  • Fire:  Always keep fire distinguishers through out the house.  Also, do you know how to treat certain fires…   oil, gas, electrical, etc…?
  • Poisonous Insect:  What to do if someone gets bit?  Is it poisonous or is it not?  Keep a list of contact numbers by your phone for this.
  • Poison:  Just like with the insects.  If your child or even an adult comes in contact with something that is dangerous and harmful.   Keep that poison number handy by your phone to call.  Nothing is worse then trying to find it.
  • How to Jump Your Car:   Sounds silly but we all should know this by now right?
  • Leaky Roof:   You see your ceiling dripping water…  what would you do?   Of course things like this always seem to happen on theleaky toilet weekend.  Who would you call?
  • Toilets:  Oh yes,  sometimes you might find other things being flushed down the toilet like the Hulk, or rocks or lots and lots… actually the whole roll of toilet paper.  🙂  Got to love that.   What do you do with an over flowing toilet?

Point is,  make a list of contacts by your phone.  Shouldn’t take you too much time.  I would even include some neighbors that you trust too.  Ones that could run over to your place if you need them to.  I also have a list for my children.  What if something happens to me?  We ended up buying a landline since they would not being able to figure out our cell phones.  They have three numbers on this list.  911 being on the top.

The more prepared you are in your home the safer you will feel and be!


If you ever need help with locating where everything is at.  Contact your water, gas company.  I am sure they would love to help you out.   You can also visit your local fire department for tips/flyers on safety for your home.  Also, lots of research online as well.  Visit your local online companies and they usually will have information for you.  

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