Flight 370… the lost questions.

I have been following Flight 370 and there is a lot of unexplained things that just don’t make sense.  I still can’t believe that something like this can happen and still can’t be found but that is a whole different topic.  What intrigues me is who was flying the plane.  Of course you want to believe that your pilots are there to fly you the best they can with all the training they have to your destination.  What happened?

First thing I noticed is how the plane traction device was turned off… the last comments said.  Who were they from?   If it was a hi-jacked don’t you think someone would’ve called from a phone on the plane?  Emailed?  Did they not have WiFi?

Someone was in control and that person or persons were probably in the cockpit.  Just my guess and hoping I am wrong.

I know the doors are locked but that can always be compromised.  Did hi-jackers take over and gas the whole plane and wear gas masks themselves??   Oh geez!

What I want to know is why did the pilot have a flight simulator at home?  My stepdad was a pilot for a major airline and mom a flight flightsimulatorattendant.  There is no reason to have one of these.  You spend so much time flying that the last thing you want to do when you are home is fly more on a fake simulator.   I could totally understand if you were a beginner pilot or just a regular person and having fun with it like a video game.  But something is very strange here.   How many other pilots out there have one of these?

I do remember my step dad studying for his tests.   They had to do them regularly.   But it was all in a book that he was reading.  He would spend days at his desk going over everything before the test.   Also, if he changed to a different plane.   But still, flight simulators were provided at flight school and testing.

This pilot invested a lot of money on his system.   It’s like did he not have a life… was flying the only thing he did?  Hmmm…   I don’t know but would hope that is not the case again.

Just my thoughts and my own opinions and hope everyone is safe.  Lots of prayers to families that are going through all of this!!


 What happened…  who wanted to take the lives of all those people?

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