Motocross with the Nuclear Cowboyz

Do you like motorcycles, dirt bikes and crazy stunts?  Well, the Nuclear Cowboyz has that all for you!  In just a few days I’m going to have a chance to see it for the first time and I can’t wait.  They travel all over to different cities to perform.  People of all ages keep coming back to their shows because they are that good to see.   What is so exciting about seeing them?   Them up in the air 100 feet (or so it seems) and flipping upside down, legs in air, hands off handle bars, twisting and turning to the point where you ask “how the heck are they still alive?”.   They bring the crowd to just amazed faces and non stop watching.  You won’t get bored watching these COWBOYZ!


So I recently had the privilege to interview one of the Nuclear Cowboyz, Nick Dunne.   He will be performing coming up in the Tacoma Dome in Washington soon where I will see him and his crew.  First thing I noticed while doing research on him was that we had the same birthdate (not age).  So that was a sign.

Nick Dunne started riding dirt bikes when he was four years old.  Hailing from Redding, CA.  Nick, 26, began making a name for himself in the freestyle scene in 2010 after earning victories at American Freestyle Motocross Association (AFMXA) and Dew Tour events.  Nick has also competed in the Red Bull X Fighters.  Armed with an arsenal of insane flip combos,  Nick is commonly known for his signature trick, the captain flip.

Outside of Nuclear Cowboyz tour, Nick competes at many demos and FMX competitions around the nation.  He also keeps on top of his training regime as it helps him perform at the peak of his game.  In his spare time, Nick likes to snowboard, hunt and fish.

What I wanted to mainly find out from Nick (him being a new father himself), is how would he feel about his child wanting to do what he does…  How would he feel about it?   Plus more to pass on to the moms out there to give us a better idea on how old/young they start.  Injuries. Etc…

Q:  How old do you think is a good age for kids to start riding motorcycles?

A:  4-5 years old (or whenever YOU feel comfortable about it)

Q:  Is it dangerous?  (of course)

A:  Yes,  but always wear protection and know your limits

Q:  How did you get started in motorcycle riding?Nick Dunne

A:  Parents bought me one when I was about 4 years old.  Have been doing it ever since.   Didn’t start doing major tricks till about 13 or 14.

Q:  How expensive is it to start?  (as you are older)

A:  Supportive parents or sponsor.   Cost money for ramps, property maintenance and jumps to practice on.

Q:  Since you travel a lot does your family go with you?

A:  Yes, they love to travel with me.  It is fun for them as well.  Lot of the guys that have families come with them.

Q:  What is the worst bone to break?  (from one of my readers)

A:  A wrist or ankle

Q:  How many times have you been pulled over for speeding?  (from one of my readers)

A:  Enough.  🙂

Q:  Why do you guys call the bumps in the dirt “whoops”?  (from one of my readers)

A:  Cause it whoops your ass  🙂


Can’t wait to meet my birthday pal coming up and see him in action!   I will be rooting for him (and safety)!  🙂


To get tickets for the Tacoma Dome for April 5th or 6th or to see when it’s coming to your town click HERE

Check out Nuclear Cowboyz Facebook Page –

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