Sergeant’s Calming Collar for Cats

Do you own a cat?   I do and I have owned many.  My current cat is a boy and is different then the previous cats that I have owned.   He loves to scratch everything.  My poor new couch that I bought is torn to shreds on the edges.   I was given the Sergeant’s  Calming Collar to try out recently and see if it made a difference on the mood of my cat.  I was will to take on the experience and see if it worked.  Luckily he allowed me to put it on him with no problem.  It comes with a white powder on it that has a Lavender Chamomile fragrance to calm the cats.

This is great for over excited cats that like to meow, scratch, or do inappropriate markings.  Also great if you are leaving for a trip and cat will be left behind.  They have anxiety and sense it.  You can put one of these on to calm their nerves.

Helps make pets feels safe and secure at home and on the go!



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For Kittens and cats up to 15″ neck.  Lasts up to 30 days.   Helps in fearful or stressful situations (pet/owner separation, fireworks, thunderstorms, visitors, new kittens, new baby, vet visits, traveling), and goes where your cat goes whether at home or on the go!


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