Galaxy Gear Smart Watch by Samsung

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch from AT&T.   At first glance I Generic_Note3Black_BlackGalaxyGear_Lockup_6thought this thing was huge but I got really used to it.  Like a piece of jewelry.  I can wear this around the house and it sync’s with your phone.   So I don’t have to wear an ear piece just this watch.  When someone calls I can answer it right from my Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.  I really love using this when I drive.  I can still keep two hands on the wheel and talk at the same time.  LOVE IT!

Has everything you need for ease instead of carrying your phone around.  You can go quite a ways a way and it will let you know when you are out of range with your phone.  Once that happens your Galaxy Gear watch is unable to work.  So throw the phone in your purse when you are out and about or leave it in your house and just walk about with the watch on.

Ok…  so that is just one thing it does.  You can also play music on it, text, has a pedometer, take pictures, voice memo’s, notifications, apps, + more!

Check out this video on how easy it is to take a picture with it….

With the S Health fitness app<> on your smartphone, you can use the Galaxy Gear’s Pedometer to easily keep track of the number of steps you take in a day, define goals, and even train using predefined interval courses. And with S Health, you can monitor and achieve your fitness goals right from your wrist.


Smart Relay with Quick Glance NotificationsHB_SmartRelay_3_1

Now you can receive Quick Glance notifications, such as texts, emails and phone calls, all on your wrist. And when you want to respond to one of your messages on your Samsung Galaxy device, Smart Relay automatically displays the same message for you on your phone, so you don’t waste any time searching or opening applications.


Find My Devicefindmydevice_5

Never lose track of your phone again. Now, if your phone gets stuck in the couch cushions, you can use Galaxy Gear from the next room to remotely activate sounds or vibrations to make it easy to locate. You can also use your phone to help you find your Galaxy Gear—peace of mind goes both ways.


Auto Lock/UnlockR2_Auto_Lock

Keep your phone’s content secure. Auto Lock senses when you’ve walked more than five feet away from your Galaxy device and automatically secures it. And when you return, Gear tells your phone that it’s you and automatically unlocks — no PIN entering or thumbprints required.


Hands-Free CallsR2_Hands_Free_1

Making calls on the move has never been easier. Now you can place calls and answer them directly from your Galaxy Gear. It’s the simple way to keep up when you have a lot going on.




I was provided this device to try out.  All opinions are my own.

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