Monk Fruit In The Raw – New Healthy Alternative To Sugar!

Monk Fruit in the raw? Strange right? I’ll admit when I first glanced at it I seriously thought it said IMG_9362“Monkey Fruit In The Raw” And of course my reaction was, “well, thats kind of weird. never heard of monkey fruit”.

Being someone who ritualistically used Splenda mainly due to the fact that its zero calorie and a flaky powder form, I had always been reluctant to switch. That was until I had done some research into artificial sweeteners. Most non-natural sweeteners have harmful chemicals that when introduced into the body linger in your system, because the body has no idea what to do with these unnatural chemicals. And the can linger in your body and cause serious health issues.

“Monk fruit”, hmm, I was intrigued by the product stating “ALL NATURAL” & “ZERO CALORIE” two things I have been looking for. I read the box and found that its an all natural sweetener derived from an asian fruit, who’s name translates to “Monk”. I use it very regularly in my coffee, as well as cooking, such as sweetening pasta sauces, ice tea’s and various other recipes. One recipe Im looking forward to trying with the newly discovered “Monk Fruit In The Raw” is, New York Cheesecake, YUM!!

I love that this product isn’t granulated like sugar. The flaky consistency make it very quick to dissolve. Great for cold liquids, as well as hot. If you’re looking for a healthier “Natural” “Zero Calorie” sweetener, this is definitely a product for you!

New York Cheesecake


Click HERE for this recipe using Monk Fruit In The Raw®





  1. This sounds great – I’m using all zero-calorie sweeteners right now, so it’s always nice to know about new ones. It was great meeting you guys earlier this month at the Natural Grocers event!