National Missing Children’s Day – Technology can play a role in helping parents keep their kids safe!

We mark a sad occasion tomorrow – Sunday, May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day. It’s also the unofficial start of summer, normally a great time to be a kid. It may also be a nerve-wracking time for parents since many kids may be cared for by a babysitter or older sibling. Even kids in day care and school have been known to wander away or bus drivers have let kids off in the wrong spot.


Technology can play a role in helping parents keep their kids safe or at least being able to find them quickly. For younger kids, there are two new devices for parent – FiLIP watch and AmberAlertGPS – that they can use to track their kids and even set up an electronic perimeter. For older children with a cell phone, there are apps for monitoring their emails, texts and web searches to see just who they’re communicating with.


It’s also about knowing where the risks are. The AmberAlertGPS also has a box you can check to see where registered sex offenders are in the users’ neighborhood. So it could be your neighbor to worry about, not a stranger.  There’s more information below about some of the way that new technology can help keep kids safer. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.


Kids & Phone Safety


 filip FiLIP:  Engineered for fun, FiLIP is a smart locator in the form of a wristwatch that lets kids explore, discover, and play while still keeping everyone connected. It gives kids freedom while giving their parents peace of mind. Video of Filip is available by clicking here.
 amberalert Amber Alert GPS:  The Amber Alert GPS® Smart Locator enables parents and caregivers of two- to ten-year-old children to stay connected through GPS location awareness and two-way mobile voice communications. Parents can set up an electronic perimeter for their child and be alerted if their kid goes beyond that barrier set up online. Video of Amber Alert GPS is available by clicking here.
 smartlimits Smart Limits for Wireless: can block unwanted calls or texts, keep track of time and limit purchases.  No more cyber-bullying with Smart Limits. As the user approaches the usage/spending limits you have set, he/she will receive an advance warning. Once a limit is reached, there will be a notification that the action is restricted and that the service will be stopped until the next billing cycle begins.
 familymap AT&T Family Map:  Know where your kids are, no matter where youare.  Shows the location on an interactive map. Sends your family member’s location by text or email. Keeps your information secure and private.  Watch this video to learn more about FamilyMap (click here).


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