SOLOSHOT2 is the perfect gift for this Father’s Day!

Are you looking for that unique gift for that dad in your life?   Men can be so hard to buy for these days. I am tired of getting the same things every year.   That is why when I found SOLOSHOT2 I was very excited about this product and wanted to share it with you.   How wonderful to not have to stand there and video your kids anymore.  You can have SOLOSHOT2 do it for you.  You can now enjoy watching them play their games, sports, etc…  and have this machine do all the work for you so you can sit back and relax.


·       New vertical tracking +/- 60 degree up to 30 degrees per second.

·       Extended range from as close as 30 feet to as far as 2,000 feet.

·       Accessory dock for hardware expansion (examples include golf cart and boat mounting, accuracy booster, indoor and close-range, super long range, head tracking, time lapse and touch screen).

·       USB port for charging, firmware upgrades and wifi accessories for linking to smartphones, tablets and other accessories.

·      Stronger motors for faster panning up to 80 degrees per second, +/- 360 degrees continuously, while maintaining the exceptionally smooth motion at low speeds.

·     Can accommodate cameras up to five pounds (including camcorders, DSLRs and smartphones).

·     Barrel mode – for continued smooth tracking of surfers even when they are deep inside a barreling wave.


Camera Control:

·       Camera control accessory for use with certain camcorders, DSLRs and smartphones (currently with SONY’s CX line of camcorders with additional models and brands to follow through firmware upgrades or separate accessory hardware).

·       Automatically controls camera zoom while tracking.

·       Transmitter can be used as a remote to toggle recording on and off while tracking up to 2,000 ft away.

·       Highlight command for use when continuously recording (continuous recording ensures you do not miss the unexpected while highlight command segments the footage for easy editing).


SOLOSHOT2 Network Mode:

·       Single base tracks a single transmitter – standard operation still allows multiple systems to be used in same location without interference.

·       Multiple bases track a single transmitter – capture the action from multiple angles.

·       Single base tracks multiple transmitters – base tracks the closest or fastest moving transmitter or whoever pressed the “call camera” button on their transmitter.

·       Multiple bases track multiple transmitters – great for businesses, teams and events.

The multiple accessory ports and the networking capability make SOLOSHOT2 a true hardware and software platform for internal and crowd development. The networking feature allows friends, teammates and businesses to mix and match SOLOSHOT2 bases and transmitters for shooting multiple angles and multiple subjects and for increasing coverage of a track, field or event.

CEO Chris Boyle describes a memorable moment after launching his labor of love: “I remember being at a surf event in California right after we launched the first SOLOSHOT,” he said, “A father watched as SOLOSHOT automatically filmed his daughter ripping across a wave and just kept saying ‘This is a dream…this is a dream.’ It was a pretty incredible moment. I can’t wait to see the reaction to SOLOSHOT2!”

Today, SOLOSHOT is available in hundreds of stores around the world and has been used to film everything from rugby in London to soccer practice in New York to surf competitions on the Gold Coast of Australia.

SOLOSHOT and SOLOSHOT2 are both designed and manufactured in the USA by the same core team that started the company. For more information or to purchase, please visit


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