Enjoying Outdoors with Children’s Claritin and Fun Activity Ideas

Enjoying the outdoors during the summer months is what all kids want to do.  Keeping them busy is a whole different story.   You don’t want them to be on the TV, you want them to be experiencing life and all the great thing the outdoors has to offer.  Allergies can take a part on those little ones if they are affected by the sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes.   Claritin has a safe medication to help your kiddo’s out!

Get those kids outside and create a fun space for them so they do not get bored!   Believe me… they will always get bored.  But that is where you can get creative with what you have and try to help them with what you have.   You don’t always need to spend money to achieve what you want.

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*Set up an obstacle course for them using their own toys or other household items:

  • Using pool noodles and kabob bamboo sticks create a soccer obstacle course:      Just curve thempoolnoodles over and put a kabob stick in each end.  Place in ground.
  • Baseball fun:  You can use whatever you want to hit a ball.  Just make sure that they don’t use it as a weapon on each other.   Create some bases and have them hit the ball and run the bases.
  • Run through the sprinkler:  They are bound to get hot so half way through have them run through a sprinkler.  I can hear the giggles already!
  • Throwing ice cubes in a cup/jar:   Slippery little things but also cools them off.
  • Use your garden hose as part of the obstacle:  You can make circles out of it…. outlines…  etc…   they have to either run balls through or even just jump.
  • Chalk:   We always seem to have chalk.  Make a hopscotch or bike trail for them.
  • Food eating contest:   Have them eat stuff… watermelon, pie, salad, apples, etc…   (careful on the young ones so they don’t choke)
  • Exercise:  Print out a sheet of things they need to do.  Jumping jacks, cartwheels, summersaults,scavenger hunt etc…
  • Scavenger hunt:   Always fun and this will keep them busy for awhile.  Print out some things that you want them to find.   Leafs, rocks, stick, flower, weed, ball, bug, etc…  let them bring them all back to you.  Have them check it off too as they are collecting.
  • Kite flying:   If you have wind then why not!  Unless you don’t have the space for it but if you do go for it.   You can find kites for a dollar at such stores like Walmart and the Dollar Tree.

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*Sometimes you just need to create a space for them to keep them busy for awhile.  A play space.

  • Picnic:   Creating a picnic with a blanket or towel.  Adding a small umbrella and bringing their lunch out to them sets a great atmosphere for them.
  • Trampoline:  If you have one then you know that they will love it on occasions.  Add some balloons in there.  When they jump the balloons bounce around.  These are safer then balls.images
  • Pool:  If they are in the pool then they need something to do in the pool.  Doesn’t matter on the size either.  Cut up a pool noodle with sharp knife and using a sharpie write numbers/letters on them.   You can now create math or spelling for them and they have to find the right number or letter to finish the answer.  If they are old enough and there is more then one kid they can also do this with each other.
  • Berry picking:   If you have berries in your yard and you trust them then let them pick them for you!
  • Sprinkler:   Yes they like to run through it but they can also do other things in it.  Grab some plastic cups and buckets and have them try to get as much water as they can from it.

 Now go have some fun with getting creative and watching your kids smile! 

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