Girls vs Boys

Oh my…   what did I sign up for when I decided to have kids.  So I had one of each and boy they are SO one of each.  Nothing alike.   Well, so I’ve heard no kids are alike.  But I really notice the difference between a girl and a boy.  Their attitudes.   My mom always said that I am going to get a girl just like me.   Hmmm…   I am starting to dread that.  I think we are on the same cycle now and she is only 8.   But the mood swings are already in full force just that once a month.  Even my husband will look at me and say…  “must be that time of the month for her”.   HA!  NOOOOO…     Not ready for this.  My sweet little girl.

What makes them so different when you raise the the same.  Sure I get that one is more manly or more girly then the other but REALLY!  How can they be any more different then the other?  Like they came from two different fathers or mothers (did I just say that).  Ok…  I know for a fact they both came from me and also came from one man.  That is a given.  No doubt… plus they look like their dad and I didn’t do anything with anyone else.   But still is amazing on the differences.  I guess it’s good in a way but I’m still amazed that they come from the same household and yet can be so different!

(I have a 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son)


1:   They accidentally hit one another:kids-fighting-cartoon

Daughter –  Just has this look at me.  Then starts to cry.  Then gets mad.  Then storms off.  Then yells “no one understands me”.  Then slams door.  Then stomps feet.  Then cries for hours.

Son – Cries for a minute then forgets that it even happened.  Hmmm… wonder where he gets that from??   (the forgetfulness)

2:  At the grocery store:

Daughter – She obeys the rules and always is looking for good deals.  She likes to shop and helps mom out.

Son – How many times do I have to tell him to stop touching everything?!?!   He is pulling and hanging on cart thinking its a jungle gym.  His voice and mine get louder.  He could care less about what he gets unless its a sugary item or toy.

3:  Bedtime:

Daughter – You can ask her to get on her pj’s and she will do it.   Ask her to start brushing her teeth and she will do it… of course the whole time while singing the Frozen song and toothpaste coming out of her mouth.  She gets into her bed no problem only to find out she is missing one of the 500 animals/dolls in her bed and HAS to find it or she can’t go to sleep.  You kiss and hug her and of course she has a billion questions to ask you.

Son – Hates getting pj’s on.  Hates brushing teeth and makes a huge mess doing it.  You finally get him into bed and he is bouncing off the walls like someone just fed him sugar.  But he is a snuggle bug.  He loves his mamma and loves to cuddle.

4:  Chores:

Daughter – She will do a pretty good job at what she can do.  Doesn’t complain much.  Will even pick up brothers stuff if need to.   She likes her room to be clean but has so many stinking clothes that its hard to find places to put them all.  Do they fit or do they not… who knows.

Son – “thats not mine”.

5:  Video Game Time:kids.fighting

Daughter – Building pretty houses and gardens in Minecraft.   Picking pink cars in racing games.  Always has to have a girl character.  Loves Band Hero so she can sing her heart out.

Son – Destroying sisters work.  Killing sisters character.  Making sister cry.  Making mom mad cause now they are fighting.  He knows more about games then mom does so he can figure out how to change games with out mom knowing.  Sings horrible… more like screams.  Better at drums.

6:  Car Rides:

Daughter – “Are we there yet?”.   “Exactly how many more minutes?”.  Knows every song on the radio and sings to it (thats when you know to change it when you hear your child sing the words to a song).  Complains about my driving.  Complains about other peoples driving.  Complains about the weather.  Complains about how long of the drive.

Son – “I’m hungry”.  and then asleep.

7:  Presents:

Daughter – Opens everyone carefully and takes her time.  Stands still for pictures and smiles.  Looks at each one.  She reads the cards too and makes sure she knows who they all came from.

Son – Rips open the paper within a second.  Looks at it barely a second before going on to the next one.  Doesn’t even know who it came from.

8:  Dirty Clothes:

Daughter – In her hamper

Son – All on his floor

9:  Dinner Time:

Daughter – Doesn’t like a certain food now that she has ALWAYS liked before.  Picks through her food.  Complains about her food.

Son – Eats everything and asks for more.

10:  Special Features On Them:

Daughter – She is the one I can count on to shop with.   I love to take her with me anywhere (as long as its close by).  We love to garden and cook together.  We giggle about the boys and she loves to talk to me about THE boys.  EGAD!   We have this bond because believe it or not she is kind of like me (except Im not a picky eater).  🙂   She is my mini me.  I’m so doomed cause she is not even a teenager yet but I am blessed with this wonderful girl that she is and will be cause she is one determined little girl.

Son –  He is like his father.  Has the brains.  He remembers everything.  He will always be my little boy and is always wanting to cuddle with me.  I don’t want that to ever change.   He might not open up to me (or his father) but we have this bond that no one else has.  Never thought I would understand boys… always thought of them as being “dirty”.  But don’t mind his dirt…  He is my little man who will some day be taller then me.


I could have more.  More of both actually.  Kids are great!  So different yet so a part of you and the father.  So fun to watch then grow up and see them…  a little piece of you in them.  That is the most magical thing in life.


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