Am I Going Through “Mid-Life Crisis”?

Oh, I ask myself if I am going through Mid Life Crisis or if I’m just going crazy all the time.  I’m 39 and yes…  10334247_10152384534565638_3217309106063927576_ncould be young for some or old for others but for me and only me its a time in my life where I feel the need to do things that I have never done before.

Ya know… the things that you’ve never wanted to do before!!

YOLO (HA!  Just learned that word about 2 months ago).   You Only Live Once.

Problem is, that I don’t feel that old.  I can still hang with the 20 something…. well kind of.  I still look young.  As long as I get a baby sitter and put on a lot of makeup and dress the right way.  Who am I kidding.  I am 39.  Almost 40.  That time to make my “bucket list”.   You know…  the one that people do before they turn 40.  Oops!   I better hurry…  half a year away!

I have younger kids…  6 & 8.   So I’m like the old parent in the class.  Granted…   I think they think I look younger then them.  Cool with that.  Why… cause I wear makeup and do my hair every day.  Not going to let this age thing take over me.  Going to be confident and do what I can with what I have.


So, recently I got a tattoo.  Well, like a couple months ago.  Then BAM BAM.  Got two more right after that.  I knew I had always wanted ONE but never thought I would get one.  All of a sudden… sure.10351177_10152398088510638_911974549304369107_n

Now I want to get a motorcycle…  Hmmm…  OK!

I take a trip and do Canyoneering.  Which is repelling off of a cliff in the desert.  Ok… won’t do that again.

I chop off my hair.   Was super long, blond.

What is next??

Time will only tell but… I am now doing things that I have never done before.  Things that I want to do now before I’m too old or before its too late.

Life goes so quickly that you need to appreciate everything.  Holding back from things that you might’ve, could’ve. would’ve done is what I would regret.  People might think that I’m changing but I think that my true self is coming out AND that I am trying to live life a little.   No harm in that right??   Well, the tattoo’s hurt a lot… not going to lie about that.


So…   I here is my bucket list before I turn 40.  Not sure if it will happen but I will try.  🙂  I know it’s supposed to be 40 before 40.  But not sure if I can pull that off before March.

(oh yes… these are in random order too)  🙂

1.   1 more tattoo of my dads rank from Vietnam

2.  Find happiness within myself

3.  Spend more time with my children and less time on my computer

4.  Spaceneedle:   I’ve lived in Washington my whole life and have never been to the Spaceneedle.

5.  Snowboard:  I have skied before but have never tried snowboarding.

6.  More time with my girlfriends.  I need to find that time to go out with them.  Coffee, drinks, appetizers, or whatever.

7.  Church:   Get more involved with my church

8.  Guitar:  Learn to play a song on my guitar!

9.  Get in Shape!   Need to start working out on a daily basis!!!!!!!!!!   I have the app for it on my phone and just don’t follow through with it.  🙁  ARGH!

10.  Woodworking:   Yes,   I said it.  I want to start creating things out of pallets.  hehe!   Been a passion of mine just need to find time to do it.

Ok…  So I will say though.  Having kids have been the best of the best.  They sure do make me feel younger then I really am.   But not only that…   the love.   I know I’m getting older which means so are they.   Hard to see them grow up but exciting at the same time.

So above is just 10 things that I thought of.  I’m sure I will do more.  HOPEFULLY!   You never know what life brings you right!   But is mid-life crisis so bad?   Do you make it through it ok?  I’m assuming you do since people live through it.  Just hard that I’m at that time of my life now.  Where I watch Big Brother and there is only one person on there that is older then me by maybe 2 years and he is supposed to be the “old” guy!!  Which is one of my favorite shows.  EGAD!   Have to just face it…  I getting older.   Wiser.  HA!

Until then…  I’m still 39.  Not 40 yet.  Just take it one day at a time……………

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Leslie Pleasants is the founder of Today's Every Mom. Inspired by her own busy life with kiddos she set out to create a spot where Moms of any stage or age could find relevant and resourceful advice.


  1. I think you look like you’ve been having a great time! The thought ‘mid-life crisis’ never crossed my mind. I know I haven’t seen much of you in the last couple years (because you know how hard it is to keep up with anything or anyone with young kids- even more so when I’m on a Facebook hiatus!), but what I’ve seen from you recently looks like exactly what you stated above: “People might think that I’m changing but I think that my true self is coming out AND that I am trying to live life a little.” Good for you!!

    • Thanks Katie! You know when you start changing and doing things that you don’t or wouldn’t normally do people start questioning you. However, I’m just trying out new things and doing things that I’ve always wanted to do before its too late. 🙂 Not getting any younger ya know!! lol