Robin Williams and The Truth About Our Every Day Addictions

Man,  Just heard the news about Robin Williams.  Died on on Sunday, August 10th, 2014.  What a tragic story and I don’t even know much about it but because he is such a role model to ALL ages and he is loved by every it can be hard to take that he would end his life.  How…  Why…  What happened…

We’ll might be like someone in our normal every day lives but you really don’t know them if they are hiding an 542144_127557307378834_550267910_naddiction.  Some can hide it really well.  For Robin Williams he was sober for 20 years before he relapsed.   I wonder what happened.  Marriage change… jobs…  nothing will answer this but him.  But he can’t.  Not sure if he could either.  Depression is probably the main cause and wether you think you are depressed or not, you don’t know.  There is a trigger in you that allows you to go back to the things that you shouldn’t be doing.  But why?

I honestly feel like we are born with it… the addictions.  Could be knuckle cracking, diet coke drinking, smoking, etc…  Most of us have an addiction.   But if you get swept up in the thing that can mess with your mind that can change everything.

They always say… “once an alcoholic always one”.  Hmmm…   Is that true?   Perhaps.   Can you just pick up a drink like a casual drinker and be fine with that?  Can you pick up a weed pipe and just smoke once?   Can you only take just one pain killer if you have a whole bottles worth?

Where is the limit?   I do believe it starts at the earlier ages for most.  Also, if it runs in the family it’s not going to help you.  But YOU are going to be the one that changes everything… no one else.   No treatment center, no friend, no family member, no spouse.  It all starts with you.   What’s your priorities?

Robin Williams will always be a great man just like any person that comes into my life (on screen or off).

I wonder what was so bad going through his head at that moment?  🙁   But addicts don’t really need much to feel depressed and I hope people understand that.  Its not being selfish its a disorder.

It’s time to try to understand those who have addictions and not look down on them.  Sometimes tying to help them out is not always the best thing either depending on how you go about it.  Do you look like the better person?  Do you seem like your life is together and theirs is not?  Take time to understand how you say things might not always be the way that they understand things.

Sad day…   Another great person lost and no one to help him.   Might not be anyones fault but just their time to go.  No one to blame but themselves.  Sometimes there is nothing we can do to help out, and sometimes there is…

RIP Mrs. Doubtfire!  You will be missed!








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