Turkey Time is Time to Get Fit With The UP24!

Many of us may be feeling guilty about how much of our kids’ candy we ate after Halloween or dreading that we might gain some extra weight from the big turkey dinner coming soon. And to make matters worse, a research study this year shows that our cholesterol levels spike during winter months. Thankfully, there are tech-savvy solutions for fighting a season of eating more and exercising less. As someone who uses an UP24, I can tell you that personal activity trackers and wristbands can help.  Main thing is that it motivates you!   So simple to use on your phone (iPhone or Android) that you can track your fitness, food, sleep, and well…  just basically keep your own personal journal all on your phone by wearing this awesome bracelet.

“It’s not just some weight that you’re gaining” when you eat more and exercise less during the

winter, said lead investigator Dr. Parag Joshi, a cardiology fellow at Johns Hopkins. “There are

markers in your blood that are changing, and those markers contribute to heart disease.”

The results make sense given the way people tend to respond to cold weather, said Dr. Gerald

Fletcher, a cardiologist with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., and a spokesperson for the

American Heart Association. The snow, rain and cold of winter tend to dissuade people from

getting out and exercising, he said.

Even folks with a gym membership may not feel like leaving their home to go for a workout. At

the same time, people’s cravings for fatty comfort foods increase, particularly around the

holidays. “People tend to not get out and exercise. They tend to eat things that are not healthy,”

Fletcher said. “They hibernate, so to speak.”


In a nutshell, the UP24 is a wristband and app that work together to help you understand how you sleep, move, eat and feel, and how those activities affect one another so you can make choices to live better.  The UP24 is always connected wirelessly to the UP app for real-time updates of your activity day and night and fitness progress to help you reach your sleep, activity, and nutrition goals.

There are many fitness trackers on the market today from affordable wristbands to high-end smartwatches and they’re available at more retail locations than you might think.  For example, AT&T retail stores offer activity/sleep trackers, smart watches, pulse monitors, arm bands, and much more for a healthy lifestyle.  More than just phones these days, AT&T stores offer a variety of wearable technologies for consumers interested in health and fitness, such as the UP24 from Jawbone.

Always connected wirelessly to the UP app, the UP24 by Jawbone provides real-time updates and notifications to help you reach your sleep, activity, and nutrition goals.
*Wireless sync for in-the-moment insights and notifications to keep you moving forward
*Sleep Mode tracks total hours, time to fall asleep, number of wake-ups
*Track activity including steps, distance, calories burned, active vs. idle time
*UP Insight Engine uncovers hidden connections and patterns in your day-to-day activities
*Team up with friends to share, collaborate, and compete
*Smart Alarm and Power Nap features wake you at just the right time to leave you feeling refreshed
*Customizable Idle Alerts remind you when to move

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AT&T is dropping the price of the UP24 to $99(that’s $50 less than when I got mine in June). The UP24 is great value and way to get started with wearable fitness technology. Here’s an opportunity for you to win one for yourself!

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  1. Slowly but surely getting back in shape. This would make a huge difference!