Walking With Dinosaurs Live Tour (Tacoma Dome Discounts)

After years of planning, the award-winning BBC TV series, Walking with Dinosaurs comes to life in a stunning theatrical event WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Arena Spectacular.  Internationally renowned designers have worked with scientists to create 20 life-size dinosaurs, including the terror of the ancient terrain, Tyrannosaurus-rex! Be amazed and thrilled as the greatest creatures ever to walk the earth return before your eyes.




Show Dates: December 17th-21st

$5 off Price Level 2: $44.50 (reg. $49.50)
$3 off Price Level 3: $26.50 (reg. $29.50)
Offer Code: KIDFUN
Valid on all shows except Sat 11am/3pm & Sun 1pm


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The idea for Walking with Dinosaurs started in 1996. At the time I was a science TV producer at the BBC and knew they were looking for a big series about paleontology. In particular they wanted it to appeal to the widest possible audience, to bring the subject alive. This was only a couple of years after Jurassic Park had come out which set a new bench mark in dinosaur imagery, so rather naively I suggested we use the same techniques to make a series of prehistoric natural history programmes. I had an image of a small raptor trying to catch dragonflies in the evening light of a Cretaceous summer – one of these extraordinary animals doing something quite normal and natural. Overall the aim was to create an immersive experience that was both spectacular and informative. – See more at: http://www.dinosaurlive.com/about-the-show/the-making-of/#sthash.vmRV4dng.dpuf


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