Win a OtterBox Phone Case – Protect Your Phone!

Phones are our babies so why not protect them with the best covers out there, OtterBox!  OtterBox is a very popular known brand that you can trust.  Reason for that is because of the quality that they put in it.  Not only that but they have great designs too.  Sure you can go buy a $2.99 cover but you get what you pay for.  You want something to protect your phone in multiple situations and that is what OtterBox provides for you.

OtterBox sent me a few to try out on my phones.  Sure it was like putting together a puzzle with the different pieces that it comes 10806462_10153005776030638_1515158325866084281_nwith.  But they make sure that if you were to drop your phone that it is going to stay in one piece!   They really think of everything when designing these covers.  From the grip of holding it, to the design of them and even the most important part of keeping your phone from any damage as possible.  Lets see…  spend the money on a quality cover or damage your phone after one drop and then what?  Its and investment on something you use all the time.  Use a brand that is known for protection and won’t let you down!


Today’s Every Mom is giving away (1) cover of your choice to one lucky winner!!   The OtterBox phone covers you’ll be able to choose from are:

One Defender case for iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5/5s or Samsung Galaxy S5 – color selection based on what’s available)

• OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 6 Plus ($69.90)

Defender Series Case for iPhone 6 ($59.90)

• Defender Series Graphics Case for iPhone 6 ($59.95)

Defender Series – For iPhone 5/5s ($59.90)

• Defender Series – For Samsung Galaxy S5 ($59.90)

• OtterBox NFL Edition Defender Cases (click link and scroll down for team logos)


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.02.34 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.02.54 PM


FREE STANDARD SHIPPING or $5 two-day shipping on all orders. (U.S. only)

OtterBox is the #1 selling case for smartphones in the U.S. and Canada

Here is your chance to win your OtterBox cover!  Simply enter the rafflecopter form below.  The more that you do the better the odds!!  Good luck!

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  1. Courtney Lavaty says:

    That pink leopard is the best!

  2. I need a new phone cover so badly. I just haven’t gotten around to grabbing one. Each time I drop my phone, the entire cover falls off!

  3. I like the viola color

  4. I like the iphone 5/5s case with purple exterior and pink interior… it would go good with my daughter’s phone.

  5. Adrienne Hayes says:

    Everything in the Defender Series!

  6. christine paine says:

    Glacier Defender Series Case for iPad Air 2

  7. Amy Stewart says:

    I’d get a black and citron green case for my iPhone 6.

  8. NFL Edition Defender Case for iPhone 6 – Eagles