See How Cinderella Lives Her Life Off Stage

Have you ever wondered how the “lead” actor in Broadway Musical lives her day when she is not performing?  I had the opportunity to interview Cinderella (Paige Faure) aka Ella and was pretty amazed on how normal of a life she has being that she lives out of a suitcase the whole year.  You watch the performances on stage and they are incredible.  You already know a lot of hours go into creating this perfect show with always a perfect cast.  But do you know what goes on before and after the show?

Here is Paige….


Cinderella | Paige Faure


  • She does her own makeup:   Yup,  she does it before she comes to the show.  She then has many wigs that she puts on depending on the scene.  She’ll usually get there an hour before show starts to warm up with voice and body and chat with the cast members.
  • She has a son that travels with her to each city:   Being a mom I know that it would be very hard to leave your child behind while doing this.  Her son, Hank is 2 years old so he gets to travel with his mommy and spend quality time with her.  They spend the days together (when she’s not doing press related stuff) and some evenings together.  Plus each time they are flying city to city they are bonding.  She is helping him with numbers and ABC’s.  In all actual,  she probably spends more time with her son then a working mom that has to leave each day for work.   I joked with her that she is kind of lucky cause she doesn’t have to spend time cleaning her home, doing laundry or cooking (she stays at hotels).  She does have a nanny that watches her son while she is performing and sometimes family/husband will fly in from NY (where she is from).
  • She wants to explore each city with her son:   Each new city means great new things to find and do.  She searches for kid healthy restaurants, libraries, museums, parks and other rememberable activities that the two of them can do together in the city.   Even though they are away from home they’re making the best of the situation and enjoying every moment!
  • Do they have to practice anymore?:  I’ve always wondered if they still have to practice.   She said “no”.  I guess with 8 performances a week thats like practicing.  However,  if they do have a new cast member then they might do a quick brush up with them.  Also the understudies need to practice and do rehearsals.
  • Was it a hard process to get the Cinderella part?:  She said that she actually never auditioned for it.  She was part of the creation of it.  Then she got pregnant and Cinderella went to someone else.  That position came open again after she had Hank and they asked if she would be interested in having that roll…  and well,  of course she took it!
  • Do you ever get tired of doing the same show over and over again?:   I personally always wondered that.  She is doing this for a year, 8 shows a week.  She said that this show is different and that its hard to get tired of doing something that you love.  Also the audience plays a good role in it.  Seeing the reaction from them.   Cinderella is a very positive show.


Overall, she tries to live as normal as a life as she can when she is not working.  She was very down to earth in the interview and so easy to chat with.  All of the cast that goes up on that stage has a life beyond their performance.  Some have kids, some have relationships, some have wonderful families that they miss dearly.   They do this because not only is it their job but its their passion.  They travel more then most other jobs out there and perform for us… to make us smile.  To make us cry.  To make us laugh.

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Cinderella the Musical


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