Cinderella the Musical is a Must See Magical Show!

Are you ready for a magical story!  Cinderella the Musical is traveling the United States right now and its amazing!  You’ve got humor, romance, and then best part of all…  Cinderella.   Little girls dress up in their best princess outfits (so cute!).  Everyone of all ages were laughing and cheering through out the whole movie.  We all know the movie however, they did add some humorous parts to it to just add that audience thrill that you need when you’re watching a musical.

I will say my favorite and still don’t quite understand how they did it was Cinderella’s wardrobe change.  You’ll just have to see for404695_280957245348643_56267131_n yourself but all I will say is that it was MAGICAL!  Everyone had perfect outfits for their part.   The scenery was superb and lighting too.  They just got it right on this one.

Paige Faure who played Cinderella (aka Ella) did an outstanding job.  She has such a powerful voice that she will go places someday… someday soon.  I did an interview with her last week and just feel in love with her down-to-earth personality.  My daughter and I met up with her after the show and she was so nice to us.  Even took a picture with my daughter.  My daughter still couldn’t believe that was her because she wasn’t wearing her wigs or outfits on but I reassured her that was her.  You can read my interview with Paige Faure and see what life is like on the road with her son HERE.

Cinderella | Paige Faure

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I think that the moment I knew it was all worth the drive, parking, racing to get ready to make it there was when I looked over at my daughter during the show and she had the biggest smile on her face and was sitting on the edge of her chair the WHOLE time.  This was her moment.  I loved the show as well but nothing is better then seeing your child’s reaction of happiness.

Almost there (Cinderella the Musical)

About to cross the street… getting excited!


Cinderella the Musical Sign

She matched Cinderella’s dress!


Waiting for Cinderella the Musical to start

Waiting for the show to begin




Daughter meets Cinderella (Paige)

Daughter meets Cinderella (Paige) after the show!


Before the show started this is what it looked like… amazing!


Cinderella the Musical

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