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If you like tech gadgets then you’ll love the new products that are coming out very soon!  Mobile World Congress 2015, the biggest mobile industry event of the year, is taking place this week from March 2nd to 5th in Barcelona. The event is expected to draw close to 90,000 attendees and will showcase some of the spectacular and innovative tech. Here are some headlines about new device announcements already made at this year’s event:

HTC One M9

HTC Announces the HTC One M9 and much anticipated first wearable device (click here)
HTC Announces the HTC One M9 and their much anticipated first wearable device called the HTC Grip, which is a smart fitness tracker born of a partnership between HTC and Under Armour. Both devices will be available at AT&T retail store locations as well as on AT&T’s website for purchase, although at this point in time neither HTC nor AT&T have mentioned any dates as to when both devices will specifically be available, as they’ve stated pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.

……………….Galaxy S6

AT&T Confirms They Will Carry Both The Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge (click here)
A short while ago Samsung officially unveiled their latest Galaxy smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Alongside the standard version, Samsung also unveiled the much rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device and advised that both would begin rolling out in select countries starting April 10th. If you are in the U.S. then you might want to know that AT&T have now confirmed that they will be one of the carriers bringing both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Stateside. Both devices will be available from AT&T in-store and online.

………………Lumia 640

Microsoft doubles down on affordable smartphones; Available from AT&T (click here)
As reported this morning in USA Today, Microsoft has announced the latest additions to its Lumia line of smartphones – the Lumia 640 and 640 XL. The new Lumias follow up on last year’s Nokia Lumia 635 and 2013’s Nokia Lumia 520, two of the most popular Windows Phone 8 devices. AT&T announced it will carry the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and the Lumia 640 smartphones in its retail stores and on AT&T will be the first U.S. carrier to offer the Lumia 640 XL. AT&T currently offers the largest selection of Windows Phone devices of any other operator in the U.S.


LG Announces new LG Watch Urbane (click here)LG Watch Urbane
LG confirmed from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain that AT&T will soon begin selling the LG Watch Urbane in the coming months. No specific release date or pricing were confirmed, but the device is the first Android Wear watch that actually looks like it could be an entry-level luxury timepiece. The LG Watch Urbane features a premium metal design with a more formal, thinner profile. The full circle P-OLED display provides you with a seamless balance of classic design while optimizing the display area.

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