Easy Easter Egg Garland

Create this super cute Easter Egg Garland for just a couple of dollars!  Super easy to make and you can even have your kids get involved and make their own.  I love easter because it means spring is here and the colors come out in my house… bam!   You don’t need to spend a lot of money decorating for the holidays, you just need to get creative and you’ll be surprised what you can come up or find on the internet to create these fabulous things.

Easter Egg Garland

What you will need to create this Easter Egg Garland:

  • Fishing line
  • Plastic Easter Eggs (make sure they have the holes in them… most do)
  • ummm…  thats it!

You decide on how long you want it to be so I can’t tell you how many to buy.  Depends on where you would like this to be displayed at.  Also depends on the size of plastic eggs that you purchase.


Take the fishing line and make about 4 knots on one end but leave about 4 inches of extra line beyond that.  Cut the length that you want (remembering that you will need to knot again and add the other 4 inches to the other end).  Now start threading the eggs through the holes.  Easy huh!

They will all bunch up while you are doing this.  Don’t worry.   But once you have put up the garland then you can spread them out.  I find that you can either hang it up with a push pin (putting the pin through the knotted area) or using a clip.   Again, depends on where you are putting this.

When Easter is over with you can take it down and save it for next year!!   YAY!

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