MAMMA MIA! Hits the Stage in Full ABBA Force!

Curtains raise and end with music that we’ve all grown up with at the opening night of MAMMA MIA!.  The whole show was filled with fabulous hits of ABBA like “The Winner Takes It All”, Money, Money, Money” and “Take a Chance on Me”.

MAMMA MIA! exceeded all my expectations of a broadway musical show in which you typically see a lot of money going into the stage but they obviously didn’t need it for this.  Audience was laughing, singing and dancing throughout the performance.  The ambiance was superb for the show.  So fun to watch all the scenes and characters play their roles.





(photos credited to MAMMA MIA! on tour Facebook page)


The show is set on a Greek island and each scene is basically done using ABBA’s songs.  Fits right in perfectly to each scene and who doesn’t love ABBA!  There’s also a wedding going to happen and who’s the father?  Hmmm…

Each character fit the role perfectly and I left there wanting more.

I really do recommend seeing this show.  It’s a must!!  Stay around at the end…. do not leave.  Stand up and have some fun.  Cause you only live once…   or maybe you could be the next “Dancing Queen”!

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