The Junk Drawer vs Me

Junk drawers… we all have them.  Right?!  Please tell me you do and I’m not the only one.  Didn’t start off that way.  Moved into the house and didn’t know what to put in it.  Then next thing ya know…  the stuff you don’t want people to see when they come over got shoved into it AND never came back out.  So much so that it’s so full that receipts and papers go out the back end of the drawer (over flowing).  I have no idea what’s in there anymore expect for a few things.

So I took on The Container Store’s #SixOrganizedWeeks challenge!   Sometimes you need a little motivation to just kick you into doing something…. something that you’ve been dreading to do.

It’s week two!

Container Store

And I’m taking on my Junk Drawer!


Six Organized Weeks After

Where to start:

  • With a Plan:  What are you going to put back in there?  What would you like in there?  How do you want to keep it organized?   Must think about that first.  The Container Store has some great organizing tools for you to use.  Think outside the box on this…  cause you can use bathroom, office, bedroom or kitchen organizing items for just about anywhere in your house.  Here I am going to use a kitchen utility tray for mine that adjusts in size since I have a very wide drawer.  I’ve had this thing for about 3 years.  That is how long I’ve needed to clean out this drawer!

Here it is before pulled outUtility Tray to Organize


Drawer Size

Drawer – 30in Wide x 20in Deep


  • What to Keep:  Not hard to throw away the junk part, it’s the “other” stuff that you don’t know what to do with. So finding a spot for it is a must.  Just putting things in a drawer with no separation is leading to disaster.  You need some kind of separation.  Once you have your system then you can start figuring out what you will be placing in it.  Pens, rubber bands, receipts, stamps, change, etc…
  • The Clean-Up:  Instead of cluttering up the rest of the area around your drawer.  Set up some boxes, bins and garbages ready to go.  Throw away, keep for the drawer and one to find another home in the house.  Might even have a couple extra.  One for kids and one for the significant other and tell them to find a home for their stuff!  Delegate!
  • Less is More:   You’ve heard the saying.  Well, I now know why!  Cause I have too much stuff and I can’t find anything in the drawer.  Less is more.  Keep only what you need in there so you can find it. Otherwise what’s the point?

Yes, my drawer was awful!  It was out of site so it wasn’t a priority.  I couldn’t believe what we kept in there.  So many things that meant nothing to us.  After cleaning it I felt like it was really empty.  I guess that was a good thing.  Now we can actually use this space again and it will be usable!

Organization one step at a time.

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