Inexpensive Yard Makeovers & Mini Projects

When it comes to your yard no matter what size it is, cost and time is always usually the main factor for it getting started.  You could have all the ideas in the world but something is usually slowing you down on the process.  LIFE!  Yard makeovers and any kind of projects that need to be done or want to be done is always rewarding but sometimes isn’t cheap.

Lets get rid of the bad first!

  • weedsWeeds:  This can be a no cost to you by pulling them yourself.  Sure you can spend money on weed killer or preventer but they still will come up.  They are the little creatures from the ground that just love to get on my nerves!  Like pulling a grey hair… you pull one and 500 hundred more show up!!  I don’t get it.  But has to get done.  You have to stay on top of it before it gets out of control.
  • Bushes & Trees:  These should be trimmed and pruned.  Oversized greenery in your yard can cause many things.  Certain things need to be cut (like a hair cut in a way).  Makes them healthier.  Bushes… if you let them get too big they end up taking over your yard.  Another thing to remember is that it also ages your yard/home with the larger bushes.  Newer homes have smaller ones.  Keep them trimmed well and less things will also hide under them.  Whether you use an electric trimer or hand held.  Its a great workout!!
  • Leaves:   If you live in a area that has trees with leaves…  they’re a pain to pick up even with a blower.  You can try to suck them up with the blower but then you end up sucking up your Pressure Washinglandscaping at the same time.  Hand pick them, rake them or turn blower to low.  Give the kids a bucket each and pay them some change to help out!
  • Hard Surfaces:  Whether thats your driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc…   Cleaning off that oil, dirt, pine needles, moss, rock, etc…  will make it look much nicer!
  • Junk:  Clean up what is not needed.   Toys,  find a spot to put them all and that should be the kids job to put them back if they take them out.  Gardening tools as well.  Make sure you have a place to keep them all at.  Garbage cans hidden from the street. Put away those hoses.  Keep them tidy I should say.  Find a solution if you use them all the time then yes,  keep them out but make sure they aren’t just laying around.   Less is best!

The Yard & Curb Appeal!

  • GrassGrass:  If you have grass then one of the most important things to do is fertilize it.  Depending on what kind of grass you have and the time of year will depend on what kind you need.  Do you have moss?  Weeds?  Crabgrass?   How about it not draining well?   You can buy those spikes that fit on your shoes (slip on) and walk around the grass to help aerate it.  Or you can make your own with wood and nails (just be careful).   Water if you can unless you’re in a drought area.  Then maybe invest in a fertilizer that doesn’t need much water.  Mowing your grass on a regular basis wish sharp blades going in opposite directions each time will help with maintaining a healthy lawn too.
  • Flowers:  Curb appeal is very import.  You can find some terra cotta pots and paint them or any that you like that fits your home.  Fill them with your favorite flowers.  Make sure that if they need curb appeal2sun or not.  Hanging baskets are good as well.   Save money and make your own!   I typically don’t plant flowers in my yard cause once they are going through their “dead” stage they don’t look so pretty.  Just my preference.  Those are for the people out there that like to keep the bulbs in the ground for next year.  Bushes that flower are great too but they don’t last very long and then they are go back to being green (or whatever color of bush/plant it is).
  • Paint:  Sometimes you just need some paint on some things.  Whether it be your mailbox,  touch-ups on the house or maybe even the whole house.  If you’re doing the whole house you can do this in steps.  Start with the front and work your way to the back.  Garage doors can be painted too!
  • Hardware:   Doorbells, lighting, knobs, mailboxes, etc…  Keep your eye out for clearance or sale items.  Its the little things that matter but can make a huge improvement.  A lot of times you can just paint what you have.  Head to your local home improvement store and ask the employees in the paint department which is the best paint for the project your working on.   I typically use a rust free spray paint when doing outdoor mini projects.  Easier and no streaks.
  • Window Treatments:  Even though this is INSIDE your home everyone sees this from the outside.  Make sure and think people!!  Color coordinate so that they all match with your exterior Path Lightinghome color and not only that but match together from looking outside.   You don’t want to look outside and see pink curtains through the window.  Have white curtains and pink facing the room so the outside is only getting the white.  Or put up some blinds and then the pink curtains.
  • Lighting:  Even when its dark, good lighting really sets the mood of your home.  Solar lights word great for this.  Changing out light bulbs or even just cleaning up old light fixtures with new or painting them.  Path and driveway lighting not only helps you and guest see but looks great from the street!

Finally,  have fun with your home.  One thing at a time and eventually you’ll feel good about the accomplishment that you’ve made.  It’s never ending so just be prepared but, thats the great thing about owning a home!  🙂

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Leslie Pleasants is the founder of Today's Every Mom. Inspired by her own busy life with kiddos she set out to create a spot where Moms of any stage or age could find relevant and resourceful advice.