DIY Chore Boards for Under $2

Getting your kids to do things around the house can be challenging some days or all days.  I found that if I write them down each day for them that they’re more likely to do them.  I also include homework, reading and somedays I’ll put fun things on there so its not always chores.  It’s a surprise when they get home from school and hang up their backpacks and look up to see what they get to do for the day.  Yes, there is the chores but its basically stuff that they would’ve had to do anyways like put away their clean clothes, clean up the legos, etc…

I could’ve bought a white board for each kid at the store but I wanted to make it fun and less expensive.  I spent just over a dollar on each of them.  Here’s how!

DIY Chore Boards


Items Needed:

  • Frames:  I found these frames at my Dollar Tree for $1 a piece.  Nice large black frames!
  • Decorative Paper:  Behind the glass you want to make it look fun with paper.  Can use solid or print.
  • Nails or Hanging Strips:  If you don’t want to damage your walls and want it to be more sturdy you can use the hanging strips found next to frames in most stores.  Then if you ever needed to take these off, the strips come off and no holes in the wall too!
  • Glue or double sticky tape for the paper
  • Print out kids name on computer
  • Dry erase marker
  • Scissors or cutting board

Take off the back of the frame and all the paper that comes with it.   I actually adhered the colored paper to the back of the frame itself.  I used E6000 glue (cause I use that for everything).   You could add a calendar if you would like (print it out so there is no dates on it and you can write it in).   These frames were not large enough for that though.

Decorate however you would like.  Glueing or taping down the papers to the back of the frame.  I added the white paper so easier to see when I wrote everything down on the glass.

Put everything back together when done.  I did add a few buttons with glue on top of the glass for looks (that and the glue was showing through so was hiding it).

Now use any kind of dry erase marker on the glass and to remove it you can use a paper towel, kleenex or regular towel.  Comes off so easy!  No water needed.

**  I think I should’ve made 3 of them.  Husband needs a chore chart too!!  What was I thinking! LOL

DIY Chore Boards assemble

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  1. I need to make two of these.