Skylanders Trap Team Make Great Gifts!

If you have kids then you know that they probably love to play video games.  I have a 7 & 9 year old (girl and boy) and they love to play Skylanders.   They are only allowed to play video games on the weekends but its hard to find games that you can trust.  I love Skylanders because they are mom approved.  Kids love them cause they can change out their characters whenever they want depending on what they want to do (each character has special things that they can do).

I typically don’t buy them video games because they can be very expensive but Skylanders are very responsible.  I’m not breaking the bank to buy them one for an occasion.  You can find them anywhere from $7-$15 depending on the character.  Basically like buying a game when you buy a new Skylanders Trap Team Character but much less expensive!!

Skylanders Trap Team Evil Kaos

They have the new Evil Kaos out now which has some fun looking creatures (as I call them).  My kids know them right away and know exactly what to do with them.  Fun names like…  Trap Master Enigma, Fling Kong and Flip Wreck!  I just watch them play cause I tried once and I still have a hard time with all the controllers.  They just laugh at me.

Flip Wreck & Flip KongGreat Gift Ideas:

  • Graduation
  • Last Day of School
  • Birthdays
  • Good Grades
  • Chores
  • Achievements
  • Just Because

All you need is a starter pack which typically run about $40.  They run off of your xBox or xBox One.  Then instead of buying expensive games you’re buying the characters.  It creates a game of its own!







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