Neighbors are Interesting Creatures

Living by someone is somewhat creepy.  You might know them a little bit or a lot but it’s kind of creepy atspying on neighbors times.  Granted does make me feel more at ease when I’m laying in bed and I hear a noise and I think of the worst possible thing… like some guy is going to be standing over me with a gun and killing my whole family.  Thank god for neighbors to hear the guns and call 911.  I worry about everything… just say’n.

Neighbors drive by your house.  You exchange waves… don’t know their names but you see them every day.  Always checking out the car that they’re driving…  and why are they home middle of the day, do they not work??

Oh geez, then you hear a lawn mower going and thats the chain effect to start.  Once one starts the whole neighborhood is about to go.  I get in a panic mode when I hear them.  Cause I know I know I need to mow mine.  DAMN those neighbors for reminding me!!

SpyingWhy do we keep up the yards anyways??  Is it really for us or to compete with the neighbors?  See who has the best yard?  Really!   It’s the retired people out there every day doing yard work with the perfect bushes or the ones that hire people to come and do their yards and I just want to throw up.  Well, I just might be a tad jealous but when I win the lottery I might think about it.

I actually like doing yard work.  Just finding the time to do everything is so dang tiring to think about.

How about the ones that walk or run everyday and you look out your windows and see them.  Just squinting at them…  not glare but looking at them thinking WHAT ARE THEY CRAZY!  Of course if I got off my but and stopped working I could do that but I have to go mow….   ummm…  tomorrow.  That’s a workout!!

I like to sometimes just sit on my couch and watch people.  Call me creepy I know.  But really.  When you work from home you don’t get much people interaction much.  So I watch and see what they do.  NO, I don’t pull out any spy wear.

KIDS:  I enjoy watching my kids play with other kids but don’t send your kids over to my house on a daily basis.  I’m not a babysitter.  Also,  If you are going to make sure I know and have met the parents first.  Doesn’t that make sense!!  Take turns…  your house, my house, your house, my house.

Got to love the neighbors that like to walk in your yard and have animals use your yard as a bathroom.  Thats always fun.  Those ones are on my radar.  Makes me wanna put up a fence around my place just so they get the point.   Why must you walk on the yard though!!  Stay off the yard and quit having your dog using our mailbox as a peeing target please!  I do weed there ya know and every time I do, my gloves then stink!

What are neighbors??

  • Strangers
  • Live by you
  • Protect you
  • Annoy you
  • Compete with you
  • Chat with them every so often but can’t remember their name

hot guy doing yard workDream Neighbors:

  • Hot single person (just for looks)
  • Cop (for protection)
  • Handy man (cause you always need one)
  • Lawyer (cause you always need one)
  • Teenagers that like to babysit and are cheap
  • Kids that are the same ages as your kids
  • Nice yards but yours will always be the best
  • No animals (unless they stay inside)


Yes,  I guess my inspiration for this article was from watching my neighbors and had a thought…  hmmm… I’ll write about NEIGHBORS.

In the end.  Some neighbors could end up being great friends.  Just hope that you don’t find the “bad” ones cause you can’t really avoid them when you live right next to them.

The End…



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