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Planning a Birthday or any other kind of party?  Can become costly adding everything up.  The Party Works has everything you need to create that perfect event come true.  With FREE ground shipping on orders over $35 makes it so much easier too!  Planning a party shouldn’t be stressful…  make it fun for yourself by shopping at once place for all your party needs.  No need to drive when you place your order online at The Party Works!



  • Create an invite list of who you would like to come:  This will help you out with how much you’ll need of everything
  • Map out where you want everything to go:  This is great for so many reasons.  #1 is when you’re busy you can delegate and others can see by looking at your fabulous map.
  • Create a food & beverage list:   Planning ahead of what you want to make will help you with costs and shopping.
  • Set out Beverage and Food area:   What are you using for food trays/bowl and drinks?  Set it out ahead of time for placement.  Makes it easier for day of!
  • Decorate days ahead if you can:   By decorating before the event allows you to focus on other things like food, cleaning, kids, parents, etc…
  • Seating arrangements:   Always make sure that there is enough seats for everyone.  You might have a crazy home if inside but nothing worse then no where to sit.
  • Little things:   Write it down…  Delegate if you have to.   I always like to have hand sanitizer next to plates so if you can’t make it to wash hands before getting food you can use that.  Extra TP in bathroom.  Etc…

The Party Works

Party Supplies —  Cake Decorations —  Costumes 




I recently had a birthday party for my daughter who turned 9 and she wanted a Monster High theme.  The Party Works had all the WORKS for what my daughter needed to complete the party.    Whatever the theme or event that you need to plan you’ll be able to use The Party Works supplies from their site.

Today’s Every Mom is now going to giveaway to ONE lucky winner a $50 gift code that you can use on their site!   So here’s your chance to throw that awesome birthday party,  or how about a ladies night.  Football is coming right around the corner or try even using it towards end of kids sports party.  Halloween anyone?  Back-to-School party?   There’s so many options and so many reasons to have a gathering.  Friends, family… why not!


Enter the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  No worries if you do not have all of these, but the more you do the better the odds!   GOOD LUCK!!  🙂
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  1. vera wilson says:

    Party for children.

  2. Courtney L says:

    I would use it for my daughter’s 7th birthday! She chose a lego party!

  3. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I like the Carnival Games.

  4. Michele says:

    I really like the disco ball keychains!

  5. Michele says:

    I’d use this to get decorations for a fun bbq this summer

  6. I love the disco ball necklaces!

  7. I’d use this for my husband’s 40th bday in August.