AT&T Is Coming Out With 6 New Wearable Devices!

You don’t need to be a man anymore to wear a wearable device.  More women are wearing them now.  They save you time, track your fitness and can be safety devices too.  Never miss a call anymore!  AT&T is very proud of our current wearables selection. In fact, we offer more smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart locators than any other carrier. We know that you are always looking for something different and innovative; therefore, we constantly look to add new products to meet that demand. Starting June 26, our industry leading selection of wearable devices will have six new products for you to choose from. Consumers nationwide will be able to purchase the:


CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff Notification BraceletRebecca Minkoff’s name has been synonymous for years with handbags, shoes and jewelry. Her latest product marries style and technology, keeping you looking fashion-forward even when you don’t have your phone in front of you. The Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet is an eye-catching bracelet that sends notifications directly to your wrist. AT&T is the first carrier to offer the bracelet, and it will be available through and select company owned retail stores for $120. The bracelet gently vibrates when you receive calls and texts from your preferred contacts. No need to worry about charging, as it has up to a 30 day battery life between charges. You can create an “inner circle” of up to 25 preferred contacts so that your bracelet will notify you only when those people are trying to reach you.


Healbe GoBe™

Healbe GoBeHealbe GoBe is a wearable device that tracks your caloric intake and calorie burn simultaneously without any manual logging of meals or activities. AT&T is the first carrier to offer the Healbe GoBe, available for $299.99 at AT&T’s Michigan Avenue store and GoBe uses Flow Technology™ to gather information from three sensors that provides you with a complete picture of your net calorie count for a specific time period. Along with the calorie intake and burn, GoBe provides information on a variety of health metrics to give you a view of your body’s fitness, including hydration, stress, sleep quality, heart rate and blood pressure.


Mio FUSE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker-Crimson

Mio FUSEMio FUSE is a sleek wristband suited to fitness-enthusiasts who want to track their heart rate during workouts as well as other activities throughout their entire day. AT&T is the first carrier to offer the Mio FUSE, available for $149.99 in select AT&T retail stores and It provides EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring during workouts with Mio’s patented Heart Rate Technology, as well as activity tracking throughout the day including steps, calories, distance and pace. Mio FUSE uses Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ heart rate transmission technology so that you can monitor your progress using popular fitness apps, GPS watches and bike computers. Tap the display and crimson LED lights will give you the latest stats. FUSE can track up to 30 hours of exercise data and two weeks of daily activity data, and see how your day-to-day workouts compare.


Misfit Flash

Misfit FlashMisfit Flash is available for $49.99 in all AT&T retail stores and Flash is not only an affordable fitness wearable, but it was designed to provide you with feedback on your activity progress, control your music, or just tell the time with a single touch. No set up is needed for the sleep tracker; Flash knows when you’re getting ready to call it a night or just taking a nap. The replaceable battery provides power for up to six months without a charge, so it’s always tracking your stats. Easily check your progress by pressing the button on the face of Flash to see 12 LED lights show up, indicating how close you are to your daily activity goal, as well as the time.


Withings Activité and Withings Activité Pop.

Withings ActiviteAT&T is bringing you a pair of innovative premium activity trackers that cross over between fitness and fashion. Withings Activité Pop will be available in all AT&T company-owned stores and for $149. Featuring the latest technology and a classic look, Activité Pop helps you embrace healthy habits and compliments your style. This award winning fitness tracker has a round analog display that provides the time at a glance, as well as your progress toward your personal daily activity goal. .

Meanwhile, the Withings Activité, a Swiss-made analog smartwatch, will be available on and at the Michigan Avenue store in Chicago for $450. The elegantly designed Activité can be purchased with a black leather band with black watch face. Activité automatically adjusts to time zones, so there’s no need to reset it when you’re traveling. Activité also helps you embrace healthy habits and compliments your style. The premium activity tracker’s 3D motion sensors automatically tracks steps, sleep, and distance travelled. Both the Activité Pop and Activité are waterproof and come with an eight month battery that doesn’t need charging.


This addition to the best collection of wearables includes a wide variety of prices and purposes, everything from fashionable wrist pieces to durable fitness trackers.

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