Now I Know Why Everyone Loves WICKED!

Everyone kept telling me that WICKED is the best.  That I was going to love it.  I really had no idea what it was about except for there was the wicked witch and a good witch in it.  If you’ve never seen it before then go in there and know nothing about it cause that is the best thing I think about the show is FINDING out what its all about!  The truth.

I took my 9 year old daughter in her sparkly red shoes to the show at Broadway at the Paramount in Seattle.  She loved every minute of WICKED.  We even watched The Wizard of OZ a few days before going just to remember characters and catch up with what’s going on before the show.  Now I want to watch the OZ again after seeing WICKED!

WICKED has such a great story behind it that you just leave there wanting more.  Will there ever be a WICKED 2?  They could cause there is more to be told and they could.  People would want to see it.


Surprisingly my daughter picked the Wicked Witch (Elphaba) played by Alyssa Fox as her favorite character.  She’s the one with the green skin.  All the characters were amazing in the show.  I loved how they started off the show (not giving it away) and how they ended it.  I was so confused at first and then all of a sudden I was like OH MY GOSH!!!  YES, YES, YES!!!  This is how…


But can’t tell you anymore cause don’t want any spoilers!!  hehe





Liana HuntI did however interview Liana Hunt who plays Nessarose.   We had a great conversation and she shared with me some great information.

Q:  When you travel from city to city where do you typical stay, hotel, condo, friends, etc…  and do you take cabs or rent a car?

A:  I typically stay in a apartment w/ a kitchen.  I always bring to my own cooking stuff when I travel like utensils and travel stove cause you never know when you’ll need it.  Sometimes we will rent cars or carpool together but we like to use Uber a lot.  

Q:  How did you get started with performing?

A:  Since I was born I have been taking dance and singing classes.  I took Drama in High School and then went to NY University for it as well.  Lots of hard work!

Q:  After a evening show what is your typical night like?

A:  Normally I go back to my place and make something to eat.  Just unwind…  watch TV, get on the internet, basically catch up on everything.  It’s pretty late.  Sometimes will go out with some of the cast.

NessaroseQ:  Do you do your own hair and makeup or have someone do it for you for the show?

A:  I do my own makeup… you learn how to do makeup in school.  We do have a stylist that helps us with our hair though.  There are some characters that do have someone there to do certain things for them like Elphaba’s makeup cause they need to make sure she is covered in green and its quite the process.  

Q:  Traveling all the time can take rough on someone.  How do you cope with it?

A:  You make the best of it and enjoy it!  Explore the city and what it has to offer.  Try the food and always fun when you get to see a new city that you haven’t been to before.

Q:  What is one thing about WICKED that is different then any other Broadway show or production you’ve done?

A:  WICKED is epic!  Loved by everyone.  It was a dream of mine since I saw it on Broadway when I was little.

Q:  How many wardrobe changes do you have during the show?

A:  I only have 4 which is very few compared to the rest of the cast. 

Q:  Since you’re with the cast and crew performing/traveling with them for so long, are you friends with them or is it strictly a work atmosphere?

A:  Big family that support each other.  We’ll always be close even after the show is done.



WICKED The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz is traveling…   see if its coming to a city near you!!!   Click HERE




Some of the Cast and my opinion:

Alyssa Fox (Elphaba) – Known as the green lady…  fabulous voice and perfect for the character!

Carrie St. Louis (Glinda) – Cute, bubbly and I think her and Alyssa work great together.

Keith Bearden (The Wizard) – Great voice!  Too bad he didn’t sing more.

Ashley Parker Angel (Fiyero) – At first it was hard to get over the remembrance of him and O-Town but then I forgot all about that and he did great!  Looks like he found a new calling!!

Liana Hunt (Nessarose) – Great voice but too bad we didn’t hear more of her.

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