PIPPIN a Thrilling Broadway Show

Want to see a Broadway show that will keep you on your feet?  A show that never ends with excitement and entertainment?  PIPPIN has tons of energy throughout the show. Leaving you wanting more.  This thrilling Broadway show starts off with some great acrobatics and leaves you with even more.

But wait…   there’s actually a story too.  A story about PIPPIN.  A young prince finding his journey to find happiness.  Through romance, action and just life.  What will he choose?

Get ready for fire, stunts, great singing, romance, danger, + more all filled into one show!





But what’s it like for a parent who travels with a child that performs in a Broadway show?

I interviewed a father of a child who is only 10 in the show PIPPIN.  Parents go through a lot traveling giving up a lot for their kids.  Would you be able to just up and leave your home… your cast-Jake-Bermanlife that you’ve been doing for so long to travel the world with your child for a year+?  I think its pretty amazing!

Gary Berman is who I interview and his super adorable son Jake Berman who plays Theo in PIPPIN is just amazing.  I guess all the dance, singing, acting lessons really paid off for this smart little guy.  This is his first tour and is really enjoying it.

They actually live in NY and travel back there if they have breaks from city to city.  Not much time but just enough to see their family and friends for a couple of days.

Knowing that the shows run late Im always curious whenever I interview anyone in the same industry how they manage and what they do afterwards.  Mr. Berman says that they really have to adjust to the time schedules from traveling but sometimes they just head back to the hotel and make something to eat.  They usually don’t get back till 11:00pm so hard to find places open that are  kid friendly plus they are tired.  Sometimes they will go out with other cast members for a bite to eat.

Jake sounds like an average kid when he’s not performing.  Plays his video games, Netflix, explore the new cities, and when its school season he has a tutor on the road.  Talk about history… he’s getting to see places that most people don’t AND every week.  Traveling places that people would love to do.

I did get a chance to see his dressing room at the Paramount and he had it all nice and neat.  Makeup laid out.   Mr. Berman says that they train you to do your own makeup so Jake does his own.  Pretty incredible if you ask me!


Mr. Berman is usually backstage.  Only on opening nights will you find him in the audience.  Proud papa!  Mr. Berman can drop off his son and trust that he knows exactly where to go.  I couldn’t imagine my 9 year old being so independent like that.  But they get used to it.  They know exactly what they need to do.  Plus the cast is like one big family to each other which really helps.

Another thing I thought was interesting was that Jake doesn’t get nervous.  WOW!  Brave boy.  He did do fabulous on stage and showed confidence.

What a great adventure for these two.  Traveling the world and living out a dream that Jake has been working for since he could walk/talk.  Now this father and son are bonding and having a great time.

Visit Jake Berman’s website www.jakeberman.net

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