Distracted Driving Research: Social Media Could Save Lives

More and more people are taking the “It Can Wait” very seriously.  Meaning that texting or answering a call is not that important while driving.  Too many videos or maybe hearing stories or someone getting injured just from taking their eyes off the road.  All it takes is a second.

Here’s important news about “Distracted Driving” – new research that might just save a life on Washington roads and highways. AT&T released the attached research study this morning that shows how we can influence our closest contacts when it comes to reducing distracted driving behavior.

While many of us have hundreds of smartphone contacts, 2-in-3 people have almost all or most of their smartphone communications with just 5 people. The research also showed that people and their “top 5” have a lot of influence over each other. Key findings include:

· More than 8-in-10 said they would likely stop or reduce their smartphone use while driving if one or more of their “top 5” contacts asked them to

· More than 7-in-10 said they would likely download an app to reduce their smartphone use behind the wheel if one or more of their “top 5” asked

· Nearly 85% of people would be likely to stop sending smartphone communications to their “top 5” when they know they’re driving … if only their “top 5” would ask!
logo_footerAT&T is in the fifth year of the It Can Wait campaign, so new research like this is important to us as we continue to advance the program to curb the dangerous practice of smartphone distracted driving. AT&T will launch a social media marketing campaign starting tomorrow called #Tag5toSave5. The campaign was developed after our attached research revealed that people generally text/talk to 5 primary people.

#Tag5toSave5 encourages people to tag those 5 in social media to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and essentially ask them to take a pledge to keep both hands on the wheel.


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